September 2011 Grade 10 News

Well, school is back in and the Grade Tens are already hip deep in learning! Classes are in full swing, and students are actually finding some time to study in between football, volleyball, cross-country, soccer and golf. So far, the students have been working on proportional reasoning and pricing (including exchanging currencies and wondering why products in the US are so much cheaper, even though our dollar is worth more) in Math. In ELA, Megiddo’s Shadow has been the focus, a book about Edward, a young man who has lost his brother and mother and then finds himself fighting the Huns in World War I. Science has been all about the environment and sustainability. They’ve faced the question: What would the world look like if every human were to disappear? Home Ec has had a different bent, looking at canning and preserves. In IA, kids have been planning for their projects and waiting for their wood to arrive, while Mr. T and Mr. C shows them all the tricks of the cabinet maker’s trade. Political Philosophies have been the focus in Social. In Wellness, students have been examining health related fitness topics, and then getting active playing Matt Ball. And finally, Driver’s Ed has our parents and teachers kind of freaked out, but they’re not letting us drive until we know where the brakes and steering wheel are – as well as the signal lights, windshield washer lever, seat belts, air bags, hazard lights, On Star support… It’s been a great start to the year! Special thanks to the grade 10 girls for their communal contributions.