Grade 10 News

Jingle bell, jingle bell, jingle bell STOP not yet, it isn’t! Close, though, so close! The grade 10’s are working hard these days, but still managing some time to prepare for the upcoming season. They’re just finishing up studying parallel lines and angles in math. In direct opposition to this, they’re studying the paranor- mal in ELA. Basketball and floor hockey have been the order of the day in Wellness class. Home Ec and IA are still working on interior design and cabinet making. Some of the projects look fantastic, as always, thanks to Mr. T’s and Mr. C’s guidance. Chemistry and the weather are the subjects of interest in science, while the guillotine is taking care of French aristocratic subjects of interest in History. In driving, they’ve been driving, much to the terror of those on the sidewalks (and, somewhat more rarely, those on the streets). Finally, ecosystems and water have been the focus in Wildlife Management. Merry Christmas, everyone!