Grade 2 & 3 News

I can’t believe it’s Christmas holidays already! We have had a busy month preparing for the Christmas concert and have had a few special guests join us in grade two and three. At the be- ginning of the month, Mrs. Leier (our school councillor) came in a couple of times to present a bullying workshop with us for health class. Then Mrs. Prout (my mom who’s a retired school teacher) came to make a Christmas craft with the kids. This week, Miss Rugg (an intern majoring in art) came to teach us how to draw people. We have sure enjoyed having all of the extra company! We have also spent a lot of time on our writing skills, working on organizing our thoughts, using details, and we also wrote friendly letters which we mailed to Santa Claus. We recently got some new readers in that we are using for guided reading in ELA as well. Please continue to read with your child at home on a daily basis, as some students have not been filling out their reading logs consistently. Remember that the students should have a chapter book to read to you and that the story books may be more appropriate for you to read to them. We’ve spent a fair amount of time on social studies and are hoping to wrap up our community unit within the first couple of weeks in January. We haven’t had a lot of time for science, but will continue with our animal unit in the new year. In math, the grade two’s are half way through our unit on addition and subtraction to twenty, while the grade three’s are learning to add and subtract with three digit numbers. Please continue to practice mental math skills at home to strengthen these con- cepts as well. I hope everyone has a wonderful and safe Christ- mas holiday and I look forward to seeing you in the new year!