From The Office

The end of January marks the halfway point of the school year, and with it brings a semester end as well as Semester exams running the week of January 24th to 27th. Senior students, please note the exam schedule so you are prepared for your final evaluations. This is a reminder that there will be no school on January 30th while teachers prepare for semester 2 that starts January 31st.

As I discussed in December’s newsletter, there will be an opportunity for Grade 12 students to take Career Work Experience A30 in semester two again this year but we will be run- ning the program in a different format. Stu- dents will take the course in two separate 5 day weeks, March 5-9 and May 7-11, ensuring a more realistic experience at the jobsite. It is important to receive this credit that the students do not miss one of those days, and will need to arrange another day to complete it if missed. Students will be responsible to arrange their travel to the work placement. Give me a call if you have some questions I can answer.

The Grades K-7 took part in some hands on Science projects when some students from the Saskatchewan Science Center visited Hanley School on January 17th. They always do a great job to involve students and get them interested in Science. A couple of players from the Saskatoon Blades will be out on January 24th to see the Grades 6-9 students as part of a program they call Project Face-Off, aimed at educating kids about the effects and consequences of substance abuse. January 27th will see the Grade 7 students heading to Table Mountain for a day of skiing.

Both the curling and basketball season’s are underway with the Senior Boys Basketball host- ing their home tourna- ment last weekend, and the Junior Girls Basketball hosting the weekend of January 21. Hanley will be hosting Senior Curling Conferences February 10th-11th.

On an informational note about the school building, we have installed sixty new lockers in the middle years hall- way and we were able to have seven new data projectors installed in the classrooms, connecting them to the classroom computer for extra resource possibilities for teachers. We’re hoping to make some changes to the gym sound system this school year as well, but the cost for those improvements may be more than we can budget for in the remainder of this year.

As always, drop in to see Mr. Anderson and me sometime. We’d love to say Hi. Take care and I’ll talk to you soon.

Mr. Chris Tucker Principal