From the Office

Last month I mentioned how nice it was to see the sun shining and we were able to enjoy the good weather. Since then we’ve had a spring snowstorm and some following days of snow and sleet. This month I’m going to comment that it’s been so nice to get some cool, wet spring weather and we’ll see where that leaves us.

A number of events and happenings have taken place since my last message From the Office in March. We were excited to have our Drama Club present to the school one afternoon, as well as the Drama Night and Dessert Theatre performances of Broken Hearts Club. Once again they did not disappoint us with their practice and hard work preparing. We wish them well at Regionals this weekend. Break a leg!

Report Cards for grades 6-12 went home before the break. While there will not be another formal chance for Tri-Conferences with teachers, I would again like to invite you to contact your child’s teachers about their progress or anything else such as outstanding assignments. It is very important that they have every assignment completed this year to receive credit for the course. And just a reminder, final exams for this semester will begin on June 22.

Junior Badminton playoffs were this week and I’d like to recognize Steffen from grade 8 and Ashley from grade 9 as each progressed to the second playoff day in their singles categories. Great job to both of you! Senior Badminton playoffs are next week starting on Tuesday.

There are a number of field trips that will occur over the course of the next couple months to be aware of. Information will be going home for individual class trips. Please continue to return any and all forms as soon as possible.

Before our next newsletter the grade 12 students will be taking part in their second full week of Work Experience during May 7-11. The important benefits have included an experience in a workplace for a whole week versus a single day per week, and a decrease in lost time from normal classes. This is a new format for Hanley School, I would appreciate any feedback from you about the course and if we should repeat this year’s arrangement of two separate full weeks instead of one day per week for all of semester two.

The only week day with no school in the next few weeks is on May 7th for a teacher PD day.

Mr. Anderson and I would love to talk to you if you have time to drop by the office. Take care and I’ll talk to you soon.

Chris Tucker