Grade 9 News

I knew it. I just knew it. All summer long, I knew that these grade 9’s were going to be a dandy bunch. They are. We’ve enjoyed our first couple of weeks together. In Art class we’ve already experienced Weasel Theater and Random Records. In English we collaborated on writing some delicious short stories about “A Crazy Day at the Candy Store” and we are about to embark on Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet. Social Studies has us exploring Worldviews. Well what in the world is a “worldview” anyways and why is mine different than yours? Big stuff. Mr. Tucker is helping us understand Leadership. What makes a good leader? Who are good leaders? Mr. Tucker is a good leader . Area and Matter are the topics we are tackling in Math and Science classes. It may sound a bit dull, but those are areas that matter and we are grateful to have the chance to learn about them. Well done everyone.