Grade 7

Things continue to be busy in the Grade 7 room. In ELA, the boys continue to study the novel, Escape From Home. The girls continue to study the theme, Science Fiction. Math has both groups looking at Patterns and Relationships. In social, the Grade 7 class will be exploring “Cooperation and Interdependence in North America”. In science, the students are studying rocks and minerals and further their research about the” Earth’s Crust”.

Every year, the Grade 7 class takes its first field trip in October. I had originally intended to try for Oct. 19th, but scheduling conflicts have not allowed this to be the case. Therefore, we will be heading to Saskatoon for bowling and swimming early in November. We will be planning a bake sale to help offset costs for the trip. Please look for a note home in the next week or two to clearly outline our trip and fundraising efforts.