Grade 10 News

Ever have one of those years where it seems like Christmas should already be here? Yep, us too! Although the holidays are almost upon us (or may already be upon us, depending on when you’re reading this), there’s still a bunch to do until they get here! In Math, the 10’s are busy studying Similar Polygons. Sci-Fi thrillers like 1984, and Lockdown are being read in ELA. Science is now focusing on Chemistry, which has produced a lot of interesting reactions (sorry for the bad pun)! In IA, the builders are frantically trying to finish up their projects, while their compatriots in Home Ec are making delicious Christmas baking (like iced sugar cookies and homemade chocolates, which have Mr. H. dropping by more  often than usual). In Wellness, the end of Basketball is nigh (which may or may not have been predicted by the Mayans – can some- body check their calendar?), while the advent of floor hockey is up- on us. And finally, in Wildlife, they’ve been studying bears and other fur-bearing animals! Conclusion – definitely fuzzy. Merry Christmas, everybody!