Grade 8 News

In Social Studies the Grade 8’s are starting on a new Unit about Canadian Identity and World Views, particularly “How Land Forms Our Identity”. In Physical Education the Grade 8’s have started a unit on Floor Hockey and finished their Basketball unit. Fitness test- ing begins again right away in January when the Grade 8’s return, so not too many ‘Christmas Goodies’ without a lot of fresh air and exercise. In Industrial Arts the Grade 8’s are working hard to complete their wood projects which are mostly mirrors, frames, shelves and stools. In Art they are just finishing movie Scroll Boxes. In Home Ec. the Grade 8’s are completing the sewing on their Pajama Pants. In Math the Grade 8’s are wrapping up a Fractions Unit with a test the last week before the Christmas break. Meanwhile, in ELA the Grade 8’s are finishing novel projects. Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!