Grade 7 News

The Grade 7’s are getting settled with their school work in this New Year. In ELA, the girls began a new unit called Learning from the Past and they get to learn about mummies and other interesting ancient topics! In Math, they are continuing their work with decimals from before Christmas. The boys are continuing to work on fractions in Math and in ELA they are working on a novel study on the book Megiddo’s Shadow by Arthur Slade. In Science, the class started a new unit on Heat and Temperature. In Careers, we have started working on an online career game which we really like! The Grade 7’s are wrapping up a unit in Social Studies on Interactions and Interdependence by writing to some imaginary Pen Pals from around the world. In Phys. Ed we are finishing fitness testing and games like floor hockey and in Art we are working on Line Art. We hope that everyone is staying warm in this cold weather!!