Grade 8 News

In Physical Education we are working on individual Badminton skills and rules, then playing some Badminton games and some floor hockey. In ELA we are continuing to work on a short story unit about taking a second look at things and sometimes being surprised at what you see. Students also just finished a Reader’s Theatre on the Monkey’s Paw and are now writing a script for a prequel. Math, we are still working on our unit: Measuring Prisms and Shapes. In Arts Ed. the students are completing Acrylic Art Line paintings. In Science, the class is studying about Refraction of Light. In Grade 8 I.A., the boys are working on Isometric projections. In Grade 8 Home Ec. the girls are reviewing kitchen basics. They are making a cake pop bouquet for Valentine’s Day. In Social Studies the students are exploring suffragettes and the women’s right to vote. We researched Nellie McClung and are now working on related projects. In Health class the students are working on a Decision Making unit focusing on ‘self’ and utilizing Steven Covey’s “Seven Habits”.