Kindergarten & Grade 1 News

Happy Spring (?) to Everyone! We have been very busy in the K/1 classroom for the past month!

Here Are Just a Few Things We’ve Been Up To

  • We are having lots of fun with our lentil activity table–it sure makes a big mess though!
  • We did a gummy bear experiment with our Grade 6 buddies. Did you know that when you put a gummy bear into water it gets almost twice as big?
  • We are practicing lots of locomotor skills in Phys. Ed which means we jump, hop, roll, skip, slither, etc. as we move around the gym!
  • The 1s just finished their “Anywhere in the World” projects. We each picked a place in the world we’d like to go and researched some information about it. We picked: Regina, Calgary, Edmonton, Hawaii, and San Francisco. We learned lots of cool things about these places!
  • We have been learning about the weather (and how crazy it can be!) and the seasons in our new Science unit.
  • We have been enjoying learning about First Nation Culture in our special circle time each morning.

We sure hope that this weather smartens up soon so that we can shed our snow-suits!