Grade 7 News

In ELA, the girls have just about wrapped up their Humour Unit. They will be putting all the work they have done over the unit together to create a Humour Booklet. In Math, they finished up the unit on Circles and Area and are now looking into Expressions and Equations. In ELA, the boys will be starting a novel study on Dust by Arthur Slade. In Social Studies, both groups are continuing to study and learn about the Canadian government. In Science, they are continuing to explore how heat transfers between different materials. In Home Ec. the girls finished sewing their stuffies and are now working on sewing pot holders. In I.A., the boys are continuing to work on their clocks. They are turning out great so far! In PE, the class is into their track unit and have been enjoying the nice weather outside as they refine their track and fieldĀ skills. Everyone is keeping busy as the end of the year is rapidly approaching! We will be looking for parent volunteers to come along on our field trip to Blue Mountain this year which is planned for June 18th. Please contact me if you will be available to join us on that day. We will need at least three parents to come along to help chaperone.

-Miss Adelman