Grade 10 News

Well, the grade 10’s are one month in and lamenting all those lost summer days! Or they would be if they had a spare moment, anyway. In Cabinet Making, they’re already done their frames and are working on Crowns and kickboards. Commercial Cooking has already seen a few fine meals served to staff and students, and the kids have completed the Food Handlers Course as well as going on field trips to Earls and City Hospital. In Math, there was a collective groan as they found out how many deductions would be coming off of their paychecks (we’re doing financial math) when they’re employed full time. In Wellness, the focus has been on Personal Fitness for Life. In ELA, the earnest youngsters have been doing a bunch of creative writing and examining the mysteries of the unknown, like where the second sock goes when only one comes out of the dryer… Freaky. In science, they’ve just finished a major project on Ecological Sustainability and have been talking about population dynamics. And finally, in Driver’s Ed, they’re scaring us all. Have a great month!