Grade 9 News

Someone once said that grade nine was the greatest year of all the school years, and we are beginning to understand what they meant. We love it. We love every minute of it. We get to do so many amazing things and learn so much interesting stuff. We were honored to have Charlotte and Grant bring us all an amazing meal on Monday the 7th. Thank you so much.

On Thursday, October 10th, we had the privilege of attending Student Forum. We heard an inspirational talk from Spencer West and were motivated to get involved in making our world a better place for all. We had an opportunity to talk about ways that we can enhance our classroom experience and take full advantage of the educational opportunities that are available to us as Canadians.

For instance, every day we get to go to Mr. Herman’s math class and learn about numbers. RATIOS!! We thought the Exponents unit was terrific and it looks this whole ratios unit is going to blow it away. In ELA, we are reading a book called The Sunflower. Ask us about it. It’s an incredible story with a really challenging message.

On November 6th, we get to experience a Grade 9 rite of passage, as we participate in the Canada wide “Take Your Kid to Work Day” We will be going to work with our parents, or with somebody else getting a taste of what our teachers refer to as “the real world”. Stay tuned for permission forms.

In Social we have delved deep into our personal histories and learned a great deal about our country, our families and ourselves. We’ve learned about the history of humans, Neanderthal, cro-magnon and other amazing discoveries. There is no shortage of questions and discussion items. This is learning at its best.

There is so much more we could tell you, but we’re out of time. If you want to know more, please track us down and ask us. Oh yes, one more thing….235 days until the canoe trip!