Grade 3 & 4 News

Wow, this year is flying by! We are so busy in the 3/4 room! Students are finishing up their Writer’s Workshop projects and will be moving onto a variety of other writing activities to finish off the school year: writing and giving a speech, creating poetry, and listening to music and responding to it through art and reflective writing. In math the 3s are finishing geometry by constructing 3-D skeletons and creating castles. They will finish the year with multiplication and division. The 4s are working on multiplication of larger numbers and will finish the year with data analysis. In Reader’s Workshop we have been paying attention to which senses we use while reading. By paying attention to these sensory images, we are able to gain a deeper understanding of the author’s message. The rain sticks turned out to be beautiful! Students just finished watercolour rain art in order to create a video montage of our rain stick sounds with our rainy day pictures! Each student created a Métis farm diagram in order to understand the events that eventually led to the North-west Resistance. In Science, students will be inventing their own instruments to finish off our sound unit. They may need cer-tain materials from home. This information will be in their planners. Our last unit in Science will be studying light. The field trip note will be coming home in the next week. Our fundraising has been successful! This week students recycled the school’s cans and bottles in order to add to our field trip funds! Please send try-all-athon forms and money back to school as soon as possible. Enjoy the warm weather!