Grade 8 News

May is here and half way done. It looks like spring has finally sprung!!! The Grade 8’s are very busy working and planning as the year is coming to an end. This Friday the grade 8 class will be
participating in the boat races that are an annual event with this grade. They have been busy planning and designing different prototypes, to compete and win their
In English the 8.1 class (Mr. Graham) has just finished The Bread Winner, and will be going into independent novel study. The 8.2 class (Mrs. Bain), finished
watching and are now working on collages of Oliver Twist or The Count of Monte Cristo (student choice).
Math 8.2 (Ms. Wall), are going to be starting Measurement next week, and then Geometry.
8.1 (Mrs. Bain) is working on Geometry.
Social Studies in Mr.Graham’s class are looking at resources and interdependence.
Art with Mr. Graham is challenging the students with 3-D art, structure and design.
Home Ec.with Mrs. Burgess and IA with Mr. Tyndall continue to develop student skills in wood working and sewing (use of the machine
and construction). Pajama pants will be the goal in Home Ec. And a wood project in IA.
Health with the girls is 7 Habits, while Mrs. Bain is teaching through the use of the conflict between the Ukraine and Russia, tied in with Soviet Union in the 1930’s.