Grade 3 & 4 News

The 3/4 class has had an awesome month! Last Tuesday, we went to the AG-Exhibition at Prairieland. The students learned about all the different types of farming, took part in a cookie auction, and watched a sheep herding and a milking demonstration! Thanks to the parent volunteers who came with us! In math the 4s are studying whole numbers to 10 000 and the 3s are studying whole numbers to 1000. The students have created beautiful fall art pieces and continue to study the different elements of art. Up next are colour and printmaking! Miss Simonson will begin teaching Social Studies this month and in science we continue to study habitats. We have been learning about carnivores, herbivores, and omnivores. Next we will learn about predators, prey, and scavengers. It is Fire Safety month, so students will be learning about the devastating effects of forest fires and ways to prevent them. I look forward to seeing everyone at Tri Conferences!