Grade 11 News

The grade 11 class has been involved with many things in the school over the past month, both academically and non-academically. We had the honour this year of organizing the annual Remembrance Day service. The service went very well, despite some technical difficulties with the microphone. Everyone really respected the service and the hard work that went into organizing it. Our academic year is also going well. For most of us, our plate is full! We are learning everything under the sun, such as z-score and the probability curve in Math, how the body works in Health Science, how the mind works in psychology, as well as getting our 60 minutes of daily physical activity in Wellness, manip- ulating waves in Physics, creating our own robots in Robotics, and trying to wrap our head around World War One in English/History. As you can see, the grade 11 class is nicely settled into the swing of things and ready to learn.