Grade 1 & 2 News

Well I am sad to say my time in Grade 1/2 and at Hanley School has come to an end. It’s hard to believe 5 and a half months have al- ready passed since the start of this school year. The Grade 1/2s are a busy, energetic, fun and imaginative group of students. They have kept me busy and made the days fly by! Here are a few of the fun things we have en- joyed together during our last few weeks together… Making groundhogs, drinking OJ while listening to OJ (orange juice during Oliver Jeffers stories read by Ms. Burgess), swimming lessons, skating, 100th day party, Valentine’s Day party, and even a visit from a 100 year old Grandma Adelman! I’m sure they will have many more busy times and they will have a great end of their year with Mrs. (Stacey) Romanchuk.

I have had such an amazing time teaching the Grade 1/2s this year and I will miss seeing their smiling faces every day. Thank you so much for all of the support along the way. I will miss this class, school and community very much. Best wishes to all of you.

Take care,
Janet Adelman