Grade 8 News

In Math the class is starting a new unit on Geometry. In ELA, the class is working on the novel “The Giver” and a project where students decide on one thing that everyone should learn about from the past. In Art, the class is working on Canadian Contemporary Art. In Health, the class just finished learning about families and support and starting Sexual Education. In Social Studies, the class is learning about the Canadian Federal government. Specifically, how a Bill becomes a law and structures within the Government. In Home Ec., the class is starting a sewing basics section, and soon will make their own pyjama pants. In Industrial Arts, the class has arrived at picking and designing a woodworking project of their own choice. Now they just have to get it done by Mr. Tyndall’s due date…and then get them out of the hallway. In PE, the class has just finished fitness testing and will be beginning an Archery Unit, mixed in with Track and Field events (weather permit- ting). In Science, the class is ending a unit on Life Science: Cells, Tissues, Organs, and Systems, and soon to start a new unit on Physical Science: Forces, Fluids, and Density which leads into the “Boat Race” at the Harry Bailey Aquatic Centre in Saskatoon in June.