Grade 2

Season’s Greeting from grade two! It has been a busy, yet fun month around here. We had a wonderful time on our field trip! I was amazed at how many dare devils we had at the Forestry Farm, where they were able to feel a variety of animals, such as a snake, hedgehog, and a ferret just to name a few. The kids also enjoyed all of the activities at Flip Gymnastics, from relays to stations to free exploration. We have been busy wrapping up lots of units in math and science, as well as health. I think we are all excited to start some fresh new topics in the new year. We wrote friendly letters to Santa, and even had a chance to walk down to the post office to mail them! I also made a colour photocopy so that the kids could read each other’s letters and share them with you at home as well. We will continue our letter writing in January as we buddy up with Miss Janet Adelman’s grade two class from Martensille. The kids are pretty excited to write back and forth with their soon to be pen pals! They are really starting to enjoy our daily 5 activities, and it’s amazing how well they are working independently through this process. We have been working on making connections as we read, as well as answering the 5 W’s (who, what, when, where and why) as we write to include more details in our work. We have had lots of fun singing Christmas carols and making beautiful Christmas art. I hope that everyone has a safe and Merry Christmas holiday!