Grade 10

Ah, winter! You finally got here! The grade 10’s couldn’t tell if the icy blast was the weather outside or the knowledge of their first set of final exams coming up at the end of the month! Teachers have been busy hitting those last few topics that need to be covered before exams start on the 25th. In Math, they’ve just finished up Geometry. Commercial Cooking just put out a fantastic chilli-and-abun lunch, perfect for the cold weather. In IA, projects are furiously being clamped and glued in preparation for a final sand and stain. In Science, they’ve been studying motion. In ELA, they’re just finishing up their Jurassic Park project. They’ve caught the entrepreneurial bug in Social as they create their own fur-trading companies. In Wildlife Management they’ve been studying ecosystems and winter weather. And finally, as a break to all that studying, they’ve had a chance to play some basketball and badminton in Wellness. Have a great week!