Grade 10

Well, we’re a couple weeks into second semester already, and the grade tens are loving it! In ELA they’ve begun a mysterious and challenging unit – on Mysteries and Challenges! They’re calculating areas and volumes of pyramids, cones and spheres in Math. In Wellness, they’re playing broomball (which only occasionally resembles swordfighting). In Wildlife Management, students got to witness the skinning of a beaver. They are also studying some wilderness survival skills. In Science, they’re studying Motion (which might seem like a repeat from the last newsletter, BUT, students who took Science last term are taking Social this term, and vice versa – the fun part of having the tens split into two classes). In Social Studies, they’re studying Interdependence of Societies. Our young chefs in Commercial Cooking prepared hard for their first hot lunch – Taco in a Bag. And finally, our future designers in IA are working on house plans in preparation for getting started in Computer Assisted Drafting. Have a great Day!