Grade 1&3

The 3/4 class has had a busy month! We have paid attention to our mental images while reading and are working on our questioning skills to build background knowledge and to gain deeper meaning of what we are reading. The 3s are off on their second writing projects and many of them are writing non-fiction texts. The 1s have been practicing spacing out their words, using lines properly, using upper and lowercase properly, and writing 2-3 sentences at a time. The 3s are studying addition and subtraction strategies in math and the 1s continue with addition and subtraction. In science, both groups are taking care of the garden and studying plants. The 1s did an excellent job on presenting their family traditions! The 3s have been drawing comparisons between schools in Kenya and in Canada. They have been also practicing  their note-taking skills. The group just learned about healthy and non-healthy behaviours in health class by applying them to the Medicine Wheel. The 3s are learning some basic first aid and will be practicing their skills on the grade 1s! Stay warm!