From the Office

With our early spring break for Easter back at the end of March, it’s going to feel a bit like a long stretch ahead for all of us here to reach the end of June. Students are in the midst of the semester two courses and I’m sure you’re aware that the grade 7-12 report cards are coming home this week. The last set of Parent Teacher Student Tri-Conferences were also in March, so if you have any concerns or questions on what you find in the report card, please contact the school and the specific teachers to find your answers.

Our School Community Council meets at the start of next month on May 2 to hold our annual meeting. We’d encourage any parent who’d like to be part of the council to contact the school and ask me or Mr. Anderson about the role they play in supporting our school goals. Any of the council members would also fill you in on the workings of the School Community Council.

Last week we celebrated our balcony construction being finished with some intramural shirts being handed out to the grade 7-12 students and a picture of them in their red, black and white colours on the balcony. A game of beach volleyball at noon against the All Star seniors took place as well.

Congratulations to Mrs. Griffin and our Drama club on their play, Dust, and their successful performance at Regionals. An encore performance on May 4 is scheduled here at the school again, the day before they perform at Provincial competition in Regina.

Our badminton season here at Hanley continues this month, with junior playoffs taking place Tuesday, May 3rd and then winners moving on to that Thursday and Saturday. Senior playoffs will start in Clavet Wednesday April 27th. Mr. Block is working with the larger group of players this year and it’s been nice to see so many kids out working on improving their game. Great job everyone!!

Track practices sound like they’ll start earlier this year with the week of April 18th since the field and rest of the yard have been drying up so much this spring. Practices are after school and Mrs. Koroll is organizing what looks like a large group of athletes.

I looked back at our April newsletter from last year and read that I was letting you know then about some future construction that would happen in the school, both in the halls and the balcony after that. I’m happy to say that it appears we’re finally through that last part of our renovations, and the whole school is back in use. We’re going to hold a BBQ burger lunch at noon on Thursday April 21 for the students and staff, and if you want to drop by for a walk around the school to see what updates and fixes have happened over the last two years, the school will be open for that.

That’s all for now. As always, Mr. Anderson and I would love to talk to you if you have time to drop by the office or give us a call. Take care and I’ll talk to you soon.

Chris Tucker Principal Hanley School