Grade 8

In Math, the class is starting to review this year’s concepts. In ELA, the class is working on the novel “The Boy in the Striped Pajamas”. In Art, we are still working on a drama unit and are filming our own plays. In Health, the class just finished learning about healthy decisions related to violence. Discuss ways to determine when support is needed, and will soon be starting a body image and self-esteem unit. Social – They are working on building their own businesses and will be taking part in a Hanley School Business Fair tentatively set for May 12th. In Home Ec., the class has started a sewing basics unit. They are learning how to use a sewing machine and will be starting a rice bag sewing project very soon! In PE, the class has just finished badminton and fitness testing and will be beginning an Archery Unit, mixed in with Track and Field events (weather permitting). Science – They have finished optics and vision and are just starting forces, fluids, and density.