Welcome Back

We’re looking forward to another wonderful year at Hanley Composite School. Staff started on August 29 and are preparing for their first day with students on Thursday. We’re especially looking forward to our new faces from Hanley, Dundurn and other schools. Please contact the school with any questions or concerns you may have including course selections and specific choices for career paths for high school students. We are introducing a school wide reading time in the mornings every day this year to encourage further reading progress in every student. Studies show the dedicated time over the years of practice is a huge promoter of literacy improvement. Sports teams have either started practicing or will the first week back. Please look for any emails from school to start the year off knowing whats happening – and on that note make sure you update the office with any changes to your email addresses or cell phone/home phone numbers.
I look forward to hearing from you. As I always leave with, Mr Anderson and I would love to talk to you – drop in sometime for a visit. Call if that’s easier. Email if you’d rather type it. We hope you’ve enjoyed your summer. See you soon.
PS please remember that we are a Nut Aware school – please don’t send food containing nut products or made in those facilities to our school. Thank you.
Chris Tucker