Grade 8

It has been another busy month for the grade 8 class. In Math, we finished our unit on integers and are currently refreshing fraction basics and conversions. In ELA, the class has wrapped up their novel study on The Outsiders. We are now moving on to a look at the theme of “Social Justice”. We are busy learning about the sewing machines in Home Ec. and designing and building paddles in Industrial Arts. In Career Ed, we are doing a series of small research assignments on workers rights, protections, and safety (WCB, LSA, OH&S). In PE, we have finished our fitness testing, fall games, and volleyball units. We have now started a basketball skills unit. In Science, we just finished a unit on cells and body tissues and in Social Studies we are starting a unit on the land and history of Canada . We are looking forward to what the rest of November has in store for us!