Grade 3

This month the grade 3’s have been busy writing stories with detail. We have also continued to work on paragraph writing and will be able to write 3 detailed paragraphs by the end of this month! We have been working on making inferences while we read, and will soon be practicing how to read with expression. In science we continue to mend to the garden with our Kinderpartners and we are also learning about forces and magnetism. We have been combining our social studies and art to learn and create artwork of how climate effects the environments and societies of different places around the world. The 3’s have also been learning about spirituality and what makes up their inner spirit or soul. We found our spirit animals and are finishing up our ‘heart maps’ using pictures and words to describe what we are like on the inside. In math we are finally finishing up our addition and subtraction unit. We will begin our new unit on fractions after the February break! We look forward to this warm weather and will hopefully be able to take some of our learning outside in the coming weeks! Mrs. McCubbing & The Grade Threes