Grade 1-2

Wow, does anyone else feel like this year has flown by!? Busy as usual in the Grade 1/2 room. We have been working on finishing up our last Math Units, and will now be moving on to some review of the year and problem solving for our last month of school. In Science our Plant Unit is coming to an end, and our Marigolds we worked so hard at keeping alive are now delivered to their intended recipients. Hopefully they can be transplanted at home, and enjoyed all summer! Our class received a letter from a boy in Kennedy, SK to participate in “The Great Canadian Mail Race”. We accepted the challenge and learned about writing friendly letters. We chose cities/towns from all over Canada to send our letters, some within Saskatchewan, some as far as Nova Scotia. This was a great opportunity for our class to connect with students from far and wide, and we are anxiously awaiting their replies. We also were so lucky to get a tour of the post office! Our class loved the puppet show “Munsch it up!” that we got to see at Kenaston School. They were so well done we had a hard time deciding which was our favorite! On May 10th we turned our classroom into a theater and had the K/3’s come watch our Fairytale Movies we had made. It was a great day, and the students did an awesome job selling tickets, running the concession, taking tickets, ushering students to their seats, and announcing before each show. WAY TO GO!