Province announces class suspensions effective March 20

Details of the Provincial Government’s Monday morning announcement to the province about plans to prevent the spread of COVID-19 and to suspend school classes beginning March 20 are included in the following:

With the “winding down” of classes this week from March 17-19, the understanding is “This means that parents who are able to keep children home should do so immediately, with no absence or grade impacts. Parents with limited childcare options have a window to plan for class suspensions.” This is in the spirit of ‘flattening the curve’ and decreasing the risk of COVID-19 from spreading. If childcare or medical response needs to be arranged, they have three days to try and put that together.

We will continue to support our students and community as we progress through these uncertain times. Please know that as we move forward through this process you will continue to get information wit updates from Prairie Spirit School Division as it becomes available.