From the Office – May 2022

This is Track and Field week for our school division and our Conference event is today in Saskatoon today – Good luck to all our competitors! I hope the weather gives them a chance to be competitive and we are able to have students move on to Districts and further as well.

Our Track season will be the last of the school athletics offerings this year but I know the elementary staff are still working on their plans for some June activities around track and field and First Nations activity day as well. Please stay tuned for more details that will come with that.

I’m super happy to let you know about another school building item that will help us in our warm summer weeks ahead and our upcoming fall weather also. The facilities department has started an air conditioning project in our school that began work about a week ago. Some new furnaces and air conditioning units will be a welcome addition to our school and help keep the temperature lower. Everyone knows how warm it can be in our building and so this project is totally appreciated by all.

We had an SCC meeting on May 9 and it was good to see some additional names and faces showing interest in joining our School Community Council. We discussed some future planning and how the SCC supports the school and the school goals that are also part to the school division goals. Thank you to the SCC for your ideas and feedback. It looks like we may have some work to do in June on some elementary events and then we’ll get to work again this fall.

Graduation is scheduled for June 10th at a new time of 5pm and we’re able to move to exercises for the public back into the school this year. I know we’re looking forward to hearing about the student plans and life changes as they move on from life after high school. Congratulations grade 12 students! You’re almost at the end! We’re proud of you all!

Speaking of courses and finishing high school, a draft of course selections was given to students on Monday to help us make some plans for next years timetables and high school credits. Please talk to your grade 10 or 11 students about planning for life after grade 12 now so we can support them on their next few years. I’d like the draft choices back asap this week. Thank you.

My last paragraph before I sign off would be to give props to our SRC leadership students this year. Your work on helping find some fun days for the students of Hanley School this year was a focus of your own as a group and the students and staff all benefited from your efforts. Point in fact is the great afternoon of the gym blast last week and how much of a success it was – great job!

That’s all for now.  For further information and updates from the students and classrooms, check out our school website at  As always, Mr. Hindmarsh and I would love to talk to you if you have time to send us a message or give us a call. We’ll talk to you soon.