Grade 10 News

It seems like school just started and already September’s half over! The grade 10’s have gotten over the initial shock of waking up early and kickstarting their neurons and have settled in nicely. The rest of us are a tad UN-settled as they start Driver’s Ed, though. Their newfound freedom will be helped by their investigation of currency exchange rates in Math. In ELA, students are imagining a type of device they’d like to have in the future and writing about it. Wellness has thus far seen a sampling of sporting activities, like football and volleyball. Commercial Cooking is currently planning their first meal while their compatriots in IA are working on cabinet making. And finally, in science, the grade 10’s are exploring ecosystems and the environment.

Take care until next month! (Thanks to Truman for his contributions.)


Grade 10 News

Well, we’re almost at the end of the year! The grade 10’s are hunkering down to study for their final exams in most clas- ses. There’s still some things going on that don’t involve noses pressed deep into textbooks, while pens hastily scrawl notes for later perusal (ok, so mostly they’re just texting each other and googling answers they’re not sure of, watching the odd You Tube clip – finals have changed a bit over the years, I guess…). Anyway, in Social, they’re playing The Game, which involves trying to take over the world, or at least take someone with you, if you go out in a blaze of glory. In IA, they’re working on house wir- ing and the Home Ec class just wrapped up with a delectable meal of ribs! Good luck on finals!

Grade 10 News

Only a month and a half left! Where has this year gone? The grade 10’s are fighting conflicting feelings right now, wanting to be outside in the sunshine, but forced to stay in to keep up with their mounds of home- work. Mr. H. has been piling on tons of work with radicals and fractional exponents. Envisioning the cube root of negative twenty seven on the bull’s eye of the target has been helping them hone their accuracy with ar- chery in Wellness, though. Track is also in full swing, with eliminations happening this week. In Wildlife Management, they’ve been looking at endangered species and wildlife activists. The yummy meals keep on coming from the kitchens of the commercial cookers (I had the pulled pork last week, it was awe- some). The IA students are still

busy drafting up a storm in CAD. In Social, they’ve been studying economics, and finally, in ELA, they’ve been studying perspectives of WWII. Have a great spring!

Grade 10 News

Well, since we can’t go outside (ok, we CAN go outside, but since when do we have to worry about the wind chill factor AND the UV index AT THE SAME TIME!!!) – sorry. Anyway, I’ve decided that we’re doing a scramble – I’ll mix up the name of the class with the explanation of what they’re doing and YOU have to figure out what class it is! This is as close as a math teacher comes to having fun with letters outside of algebra and alpha-ghetti. In Thma, the grade 10’s are working on perfect squares and perfect cubes. In ALE, they’re studying racism and the holocaust. In Lifewild Mentmanage (ok, I didn’t try very hard on that one) they’re focusing on wilderness survival skills. In Sellnews, they’ve started doing Track and Field. In AI, the

industrious (that’s a clue!) little leaners are learning the art (that’s another clue) or Computer Assisted Drafting. In Osicla, they’ve been examining the political spectrum of Canada. And finally, in Mmercialco Okingco, the meal this week will be Chicken Noodle Soup with Red Lobster TM style biscuits and Puffed Cakes of Wheat.

Grade 10 News

Well, final exams for Term 1 are out of the way, and before the textbooks are totally settled in the cupboards, the start of Term 2 has blown by us! Already the 10’s are being challenged in new ways. In English, they’re starting to debate equality and ethics. Math has seen the resurrection of unit conversion, surface area and volume (ohhhh, that dreaded Imperial System!). Social is right in step in English as they examine rights and government. In Wildlife, they’ve just finished watching March of the Penguins. The teachers in the Middle Years hallway are thankful that Commercial Cooking is under way again, especially because this was “test cookie” week. Yum! In IA, the young’uns have started working on their house plans. And finally, the school’s birdie’s have been getting some severe punishment in Wellness as Badminton players take to the courts to serve, swing and smash them at their opponents with great vigor. Have a great February, everybody! (Special thanks to Nicola for her contributions.)

Grade 10 News

Well, the new year has been busy for our grade 10’s as they hurtle towards their first ever set of final exams. Before that happens though, there’s a bit of last minute learning to do! In ELA they’ve been studying near-future, post-apocalyptic short stories. In Math, they’ve just finished up trigonometry. In science, they ended off the year studying the periodic table of the elements. Wellness has done the final test of their fitness for Semester One. River Systems are the focus in Wildlife Management. Finally, in IA the burgeoning young carpenters are finishing up their projects with sanding and staining, whilst their companions in Home Ec produce puffed pastry and pies.

Final Exam Schedule

Monday, January 28, 2012 @ 9AM

  • ELA A30/SS 30
  • Found 20
  • Math 21
  • Science 10

Tuesday, January 29, 2012 @ 9AM

  • Chemistry 30
  • ELA 20/History 20
  • WkPl 10

Wednesday, January 30, 2012 @ 9AM

  • WkPl & A30
  • Biology 20 b
  • Science 21
  • ELA A10

Thursday, January 31, 2012 @ 9AM

  • PreCalc 30
  • Physics 20
  • Life Trans 30
  • Interior Design 30

General Information:

  • Students may have 2 ½ hours to write each exam.
  • Return all textbooks/school materials on the day of the examination.
  • Students must write for a minimum of one hour.
  • There are assigned study hall rooms for grades 10 to 12.
  • Students need to clean out their lockers and return all library books.
  • The first day of classes for the second semester will be Monday, February 4, 2013.

Grade 10 News

Ever have one of those years where it seems like Christmas should already be here? Yep, us too! Although the holidays are almost upon us (or may already be upon us, depending on when you’re reading this), there’s still a bunch to do until they get here! In Math, the 10’s are busy studying Similar Polygons. Sci-Fi thrillers like 1984, and Lockdown are being read in ELA. Science is now focusing on Chemistry, which has produced a lot of interesting reactions (sorry for the bad pun)! In IA, the builders are frantically trying to finish up their projects, while their compatriots in Home Ec are making delicious Christmas baking (like iced sugar cookies and homemade chocolates, which have Mr. H. dropping by more  often than usual). In Wellness, the end of Basketball is nigh (which may or may not have been predicted by the Mayans – can some- body check their calendar?), while the advent of floor hockey is up- on us. And finally, in Wildlife, they’ve been studying bears and other fur-bearing animals! Conclusion – definitely fuzzy. Merry Christmas, everybody!

Grade 10

Well, the grade 10’s have been pretty busy. There’s only a quick breathing spot as football and volleyball wind up and basketball (which they’re also studying in Wellness right now) gets under- way. Which kind of brings to mind the Challenges unit that they’re just finishing up in ELA. And have you noticed the temperature getting colder outside? These kids will be able to convert fluently between Fahrenheit and Celsius, thanks to Mr. Bartsch in Math class. They’ve finally written their final exam in Driver’s Ed, so keep an eye open in and around Hanley for our new drivers. In science, they’re learning about motion and acceleration – hopefully they won’t be testing out extreme acceleration in Driver’s Ed anytime soon! And finally, they’re wrapping up their projects in IA, and putting the finishing touches on their quilts in Home Ec. Was that Christmas music I just heard?

Grade 10

Warning! Several Grade 10’s have been issued their Learner’s Licenses! If you were go- ing to panic, now’s the time! In other news, the grade 10’s have been busy with a variety of curricular and extra- curricular activities so far this fall. In between bumping, setting and spiking, as well as

tackling and catching expertly thrown passes, showing up at the school at 6:30 in the morning to practice and break down film, they’ve been studying sustainability of ecosystems, doing projects on bullying, taking pictures, gluing wooden boxes together in IA, fitness testing and learning how much money comes off their paycheques to fund things like CPP and EI. If you’re out of breath at the end of that sentence, just think how they feel! Take care and have a great month!