Grade 11 News

The year is off in full swing and we are busier than ever. In Pre-Calculus, we just wrote a test on Trigonometry. We have not started working on the Quadratic Equation. In English class, we are starting to read To Kill A Mockingbird. In Physics, we are just finishing the Waves Unit, and have a test on Friday. In Biology, we are working through a Ecological Or- ganization Project. In Phys. Ed., we are enjoying some good ole physical activity, but still getting to spend some time outside.

September 2011 Grade 11 News

So great to back to school!!! Classes are in full swing. In PreCalculus, we are working on geometric and arithmetic series. The test is on Thursday. In Math Workplace, we are calculating slope. In Physics, we are learning wonders and workings around us, as well as understanding such math compo- nents as, scientific notation, significant figures and metric conversion. Test is on Thursday. In Biology, we just finished art projects of defining biology without words. In ELA, we are working on recollections and short stories. In Phys. Ed., we had fitness tests and playing volleyball.

May 2011 Grade 11 News

This year is going by so fast! It’s hard to believe that we are already into May! In Physics, we have just finished the beginning of our unit on Light. We all passed the test with flying colours. In I.A. we have been continuously working on our sheds, or as Mr. Tyndall says, “the houses”. In Media Studies we have been working hard on our movies and moving on to advertising. In Home Ec., we have started our clothing unit. We have been having a blast in Phys. Ed. playing handball and doing archery. In Math we are learning all about logarithms and in History we are working on displays about WW2.

March 2011 Grade 11

Welcome Ladies and Gentlemen, speaking on behalf of the grade 11 class, its Tanner.

In art class, with our good teacher Mr. Graham, the boys are making dioramas. Industrial Arts has us busy as bees drawing plans for our sheds. In Home Ec., they are decorating cakes like “Cake Boss” and soon will be starting international foods. With Mr. Kirk in Media Studies, they are looking at the conventions of media. Mrs. Prakash has taught us Physics and we are finished our projects on different types of Physics in the world. Mr. Anderson has the girls in Gym. They have been playing badminton, floor hockey and pumping iron to get jacked! In History, we are working on projects that we picked from anything that has changed the world. We just wrote a text on complex number in Math. It was very complex. Law has us learning the rules of law with Mrs. Prakash.

We would like to welcome the new student Cody to our class.