Grade 3 & 4 News

It has been a great start to the year and I am excited to be joining the Grade 3/4 class for part of this school year! We have a bunch of exciting things happening right now. In ELA, we are working on a unit called “My Friends and I”. In Math, both Grade 3 and 4 classes are exploring different kinds of patterns. In Science, we are learning about structures and have been on several structure hunts around the school! In Social Studies, we are exploring our world and trying to learn a bit about our new friend Windy’s previous home in China! We have also done a few fun Arts Ed. projects and will be bringing home our letter hangings at the end of September. The Grade 3/4 class is an energetic group who are showing their excitement for learning new things each day. I am looking forward to spending the next few months together!

Miss Adelman


Grade 2 & 3 News

Wow, I can’t believe that it’s the end of June already! Time sure flies when you are having fun! Just a reminder that we will be heading over to CC Pool for our year-end pool party on Tuesday, as well as enjoying some time in the sun at thespray park on Wednesday.

We have had some specials guests in our classroom as my parents brought my daughter out for a visit! My mom, a retired teacher, completed an art project with the kids and did some singing with them. The kids have sure enjoyed our novel study, “Sarah, Plain and Tall”. We are just finishing up the book and then we will watch the movie next week. The kids have also got into a nice routine with our guided reading centers, that we have every morning. They seem to really enjoy rotating through different ELA activities as I read with a small group. The grade three’s just finished a math unit on multiplication, while the grade two’s recently finished our data management unit, where we collected data and made different types of graphs. We have also been learning about Canada in social studies and have been completing different experiments in science, for our motion unit.

Thanks for a wonderful few months back in the classroom! I hope that everyone has a terrific

and fun summer! Mrs. Romanchuk

Grade 2 & 3 News

Thank you to all of the parents who assisted with the habitat projects! Our grade seven care partners also assisted us as we published our habitat reports. What a wonderful job all of the students did presenting their reports and projects! We are now starting a new science unit on Motion. In social studies, we are also learning about Canada. The grade two’s are just finishing

up a math unit on geometry, and we will begin our last unit on data management next week. The grade three students are currently working on multiplication with Mr. Woods-Fehr. We have finally finished our poetry anthologies and they are awesome! The students were so creative in writing their poems and putting together their anthologies. We are starting a

novel study called Sarah, Plain and Tall, which should take us until the end of the school year. Please continue with home reading and practicing spelling words a little longer; we will wrap both programs up near the beginning of June. We will have one or two field trips coming up in June, so please start thinking about whether you would like to chaperone. More information will follow soon with specific dates. 

Grade 2 & 3 News

Wow, only two months of school left! Time has sure been flying by! In ELA, we will soon be wrapping up our poetry unit. The students have done a wonderful job with their writing! So far, we have written and published haiku, triplet, diamante, alphabet, and acrostic poems. We will be learning about one or two more poems, and then constructing our poetry anthology. As mentioned in last month’s letter, if there are any pictures to decorate the student’s acrostic poem about themselves, please send them in the next week. Just remember to send something that can be cut out and glued onto their poem.

We are also starting guided reading centers in ELA that we will continue to work on until the end of the year. In math, the grade two’s are just beginning a unit on geometry, while the grade three students are learning about data management with Mr. Woods-Fehr. In science, we will soon finish our habitat research project. The students have researched their individual habitats and are now writing their reports which they will share with the class in the next couple of weeks. We also talked about creating a small representation of their habitat to share with the class as well. Please help your child create this at home and send it to school for May 6, when we will start presenting our projects. A small box, such as a shoebox would work for creating this representation. I also have a few cheesecake boxes if you do not have something at home that would work. Students can paint, build their habitat out of clay, or use toy models as some examples for their project. Please don’t spend a lot of money, but be creative with what you have at home if possible. Please include what the habitat looks like, as well as maybe some animals and plants that you may find there. Thank you for your help with this fun project!

Grade 2 & 3 News

February brings yet another change for the Grade 2/3 class. My last day will be February 15, then Mrs. Romanchuk returns after the break. In the last few days before the break, we’ll be wrapping up our Owls in the Family novel study, working on our measurement units in Math and continuing our Health classes along with Mr. Cory. I’ve had a wonderful time teaching the 2/3s. I’ve been so impressed by their growth and creativity. I’m making sure to fit some cool Art and Language Arts projects into our last couple of weeks to tap into that creative spirit. There are a few other fun events happening this month too. Keagan & Brody earned Saber awards for their great attitudes, bright outlooks and hard work! We also had our Bunch of Munsch puppet show day with the Dundurn students, and of course Valentine’s Day brings celebration and sweet treats to our room! I will miss this class and being part of the Hanley staff. I hope I’ll be able to stop in to see how everyone is doing throughout the rest of the year. Good Luck 2/3! Miss Stefanson

Grade 2 & 3 News

We’re off to a great start to 2013 in the Grade 2/3 room! Everyone came back full of energy and new ideas. We’ve started working on our student blogs we are really enjoying writing posts, as well as reading and commenting on each other’s blogs. This month in ELA we will do a novel study on Farley Mowat’s Owls in the Family, which takes place in and around Saskatoon and Dundurn. In Math, the Grade 2s are learning about measurement while the Grade 3s just wrapped up their unit on adding and subtracting three-digit numbers. Both grades are continuing to learn about pioneers in Social Studies, water in Science and the human body in Health. We’ve been working on some neat art projects, too, which you can see on our class blog!

Grade 2 & 3 News

Grade 2/3 room is very busy this month! We’ve been working through our Reader’s and Writer’s Workshops in ELA. By the end of December, we’ll have learned lots of skills to make the most of our reading and writing time. The Grade 2s are also wrapping up their Unit on Adding and Subtracting numbers up to 18, while the 3s are adding 2 digit numbers. It’s not all work and no play. With the Christmas Family Fun Festival and our Western Development Museum 1910 Christmas field trip, we’re taking time to enjoy the holiday season. We hope you are, too!

Miss Stefanson and the Grade 2/3s

Grade 2 & 3

The Grade 2/3s had a great month! We finished up our Robert Munsch Unit that we loved! We are very excited to get started on our Readers’ and Writers’ Workshops! From December to February, Miss Amy Stefanson will be the Grade 2/3 teacher until Mrs. Romanchuk returns from her mat leave. Miss Martineau will be doing Mrs. Koroll’s mat leave in the K/1 room. She will miss the 2/3s but is excited for this opportunity. Important Date: On December 18, Grades K-3 will be going to the WDM for a Christmas field trip (more details to come!).

Denille Martineau
Teacher Grade 2/3 Hanley School

Grade 2 & 3

The Grade 2/3s have a lot of exciting things happening right now. To name a couple: We are currently doing Robert Munsch literature circles (which we are loving) and we are also having all kinds of fun working with our Word Wall. You should ask us how to spell words like ‘people’ and ‘because’!