Grade 9 News

The Grade Nine Canoe trip was an incredible experi- ence for us all. Although the forecast was ominous, we headed into Canada’s great north. Our coolers were full of junk food, our bus was filled with tarps and our hearts were filled with anticipation. The weather was perfect as the pouring rain held off until the last hour of our quest. Being in the middle of the lake in the pouring rain was amazing.

When we weren’t on the lake, we sat around blazing fires, played crazy games and stayed up well past our regular bedtimes just like big kids. Special thanks to Mr. Graham and Mr. Anderson for planning the trip. Thanks also to the parent chaperones who brought the perfect attitude of work, rest and play. And last but certainly not least, hail to the bus driver, Harold, who maneuvered us safely home under tornado filled skies.

This is the last newsletter of the year. It’s been great from start to finish. On behalf of myself, Mr. Graham, thanks to the students for a memorable year.

Grade 9 News

Well, we are all abuzz. Our Canoe trip is only 27 days away! It seems like only 180 days ago that we had 207 days to wait. Mr. Graham always says, “Time flies when you’re having fun.” He’s always making up sayings like that. He’s so wise, but he’s no “Renaissance Man”. A Renaissance man is someone who is good at many things from the arts to the sports to the academics.

We’ve wrapped up George Orwell’s Animal Farm and we have started a new novel study on books about the civil war in Sierra Leone, A Long Way Gone and Bite of The Mango. We are doing comparison studies of Canada and Sierra Leone. There is a lot that we take for granted in this land of ours, that’s for sure.

We’re continuing a very thorough unit in Health class about Family Life. Keep it going Mr. Tucker! This is good stuff. Some of you might find this shocking, but we are learning about electricity in science class. Did you know that things like lights and televisions run on electricity? Well, now we know that too! We have been looking forward to our Track meet and working hard preparing for it in Phys. Ed.

In Math we are learning about the amazing world of Circle Geometry. Mr. Herman loves circles and that passion is contagious.

Grade 9 News

What a month we’ve had. The sun is shining, the birds are singing and the great buffalo lives. We spent some time talking about the mighty buffalo and how the First Nations people could have possibly killed these things with their available tools. We tried to build our own weapons and then we visited the neighboring farm to get up close and personal with the real deal. Abso- lutely huge. We’ve always thought it amazing that the First Nations people utilized so much of the mighty beast, but after getting within a few feet of one, it’s amazing that they could even kill one. Feel free to ask us about our experience.

In ELA, we’re studying Animal Farm and in Social Studies, we are exploring the use of propaganda in the 20th Century. We made our own propaganda posters for Animal Farm and they are currently on display in our classroom. Please stop in.

Mr. Tyndall continues to inspire us with all things science, specifically in the areas of alternative energy sources.

Mr. Herman + Math = Fun

We are counting down the days until our Canoe trip (60) and will soon be starting our physical and mental training so as to make this the most memorable of memories.

Thanks to all.

Grade 9

Communism, George Orwell’s Animal Farm, welding, exploring Nationalism, wind turbines, alternative energy resources, grain studies, badminton, candid discussions on health issues and relationships, solving literal equations, re-writing National anthems…What are we describing here?? Some kind of fantasy camp for Superheroes?? Nay, it’s simply a day in the life of the grade nines here at Hanley Composite School. We can hardly believe how fast this year is flying by.  Next week brings the end of winter and the beginning of a long awaited spring. Despite the fact that the piles of snow are quickly disappearing, homework continues to pile up around us, but we are still managing to love every minute of this very “critical year in our adolescent development.” (We learned that in Health class).

Grade 9 News

In this season of love and Valentines, we thought it would be fitting if we told you, the dear readers, about some of the things we love. We love school and learning. We love it when Mr. Tyndall starts a new unit in Science class, especially a unit on electricity. We love doing water color painting and geometric toothpick structures in Art class.  We loved the Polynomials unit in math and we are very sorry to see it go.  We love healthy minds and healthy bodies, so of course we love Health class.

We love reading new books, stretching our minds and asking ourselves big big questions.  We just finished reading The Sunflower by Simon Weisenthal. It is a very powerful and important book that everyone should read. We used our Social Studies class to further explore some of the lessons learned of more current world events such as in Bosnia and Rwanda.

We love listening to our new record player while we work.  We love the classics.  Always have, always will.

Thanks for reading.

Grade 9 News

2012. What a year it’s been so far! We all expected that 2011 would go down as the greatest and best year of our lives, but only three weeks into this new year and that theory is out the window. Our classes have kept us busy for certain. Astronomy, Polynomials, Fitness tests, small engine repair, pyjama sewing, plasticine art, cultural studies… if we were Cub Scouts, our sashes would be full. We’ve also started an amazing book in ELA called The Sunflower, by Simon Wiesenthal. It’s a true story about a prisoner in a concentration camp who encounters a dying Nazi soldier. It’s a book that should be read by everyone.

If you good readers remember, in December the grade nine class conducted some fundraisers through which we hoped to raise some money for various World Vision projects. We were able to raise $500 and we hope that that money will help make a big difference for someone, somewhere. Thanks to all who chipped in.

Grade 9 News

This has been a very busy month for the Grade Nines. In November, some members of our class approached Mr. Graham and proposed that we as a class look outside of ourselves and try to spread some goodwill to others less fortunate. It was decided that we would raise money for World Vision and use that money to purchase items for a village in a third world country. We held a soup sale, a bake sale and allowed the staff to wear jeans on any given work day for the small price of one dollar a day. As of this notice being typed, we have raised over $500. This is great and we want to send a huge thank you to everyone who has supported our venture. Again, it must be stressed that this project was solely student initiated and student driven. These really are amazing young people! We are looking forward to our Grade Nine Christmas Coffee House and Poetry Slam on Tuesday the 20th. We’ve been working hard on our Poetry Anthologies and we expect that these compositions will become treasured family heirlooms. We also want to extend a huge thank you to Miss Rugg who has been teaching our Art Class since the beginning of the year. You will be missed. To everyone else, We hope you and your family have a tremendous holiday and all the best in 2012.

Grade 9 News

Hello from the Grade Nine Class! Wow we have had an awesome year so far. In E.L.A we just finished Romeo & Juliet and are about to write a SUPER HARD “ROMEO AND JULIET” TEST THAT ONLY A BRILLIANT ROBOT CAN PASS! In math, we are working on our Rate, Ration and Proportion project. Science we are having a blast, Mr. Tyndall keeps up the razzle and the dazzle in the Science lab. In Industrial Arts we are continuing on Welding and Small Engines and in Home Ec. we have moved on to learning how to sew and knit. Physical Education is a real hoot; every- one has been enjoying Tchoukball. Miss Rugg has us making surreal art and graffiti in our Art class. In Social Studies, we are exploring Ancient Civilizations. Our “Take our Kids to Work” day was very successful. Thank you to all those parents and businesses who helped out.

Have you heard of Greta? Greta has apparently been here since the 60’s, she has been haunting our room and we are starting to get annoyed with the strange happenings. Our class cheese- burger, “Maddy”, is now 75 days old and still looking and smelling terrific. Way to go little fella.

All in all, we love school, our teachers and each other.

Grade 9 News

Someone once said that grade nine was the greatest year of all the school years, and we are beginning to understand what they meant. We love it. We love every minute of it. We get to do so many amazing things and learn so much interesting stuff. For instance, every day we get to go to Mr. Herman’s math class and learn about numbers. RATIOS!! We thought the Exponents unit was terrific and it looks like this whole ratios unit is going to blow it away.

On November 2nd, we get to experience a Grade 9 rite of passage, as we participate in the Canada wide “Take Your Kid to Work Day”. We will be going to work with our parents, or with some- body else, getting a taste of what our teachers refer to as “the real world”. Stay tuned for permission forms.

In English Class we are tackling Sir William Shakespeare’s tragic love story “Romeo and Juliet”. What a story!! We can’t get enough of it. Sometimes, one hour classes simply aren’t long enough. We act it out, we sing songs and yell at each other in old English and learn every step of the way. We even threw our own mas- querade ball as we read that classic scene where Romeo and Juliet meet for the first time. Scandalous.

In Social we have developed deep into our personal histories and learned a great deal about our country, our families and ourselves This is learning at it’s best. Mr. Tyndall is teaching us about the Solar System in Science class. Some things never change…the solar sys- tem, however , does. Bizarre. We know.

Miss Rugg is an artist. She is teaching us Art. Wait until you see the stuff we are creating. You will be very impressed.

We round out our days with fitness testing, small engine repairing, welding and working with grains…GRAINS!!

There is so much more we could tell you, but we’re out of time. If you want to know more, please track us down and ask us. Oh yes, one more thing….235 day until the canoe trip!

September 2011 Grade 9 News

Energizing. Cheery. Intriguing. Intense. Hilarious. Enlightening.

This is just a sampling of the words yelled forth by this year’s Grade Nine squad when asked to describe the year thus far. We’ve started reading Romeo and Juliet, by Sir William Shakespeare. What a story! In Social Studies we’ve just finished making personal timelines. They’ll be on display in our class-room for awhile, so swing on in and have a look. (bring chips) Speaking of items on display, we’ve been working on painting the ceiling tiles. It’s a bit like the Sistine Chapel except with a little more Disney and Sports Logos.

Do you have any questions about finding the surface area of a Composite Shape? You can ask us now, because that’s what Mr. Herman is teaching us in Math. Can you imagine having Mr. Tyndall as a science teacher? Good Heavens. It’s a blast. Literally. He sure likes blowing things up. Our leader, Mr. Tucker is teaching us about leadership in Health class. Volleyball , welding and Kitchen Wizardry round out our daily schedules