Grade 12 News

The Grade 12’s are counting down the days until graduation! In Biology, we are starting the Genetics unit. In English, we have been reading To Kill a Mockingbird. In Gym, we have just finished fitness testing and are looking forward to being able to play outside in the nice weather. The Foundations 30 math class has been hard at work learning how to save for retirement. In Calculus, we are learning derivatives, while the Art class has been expanding their creativity. In Physics, we have just started the Work and Energy unit. -Teagan

Grade 11 News

To update our classes: In History/ELA, we are just begin- ning The Book Thief. In Work Place Math, we are studying trigonometry applications. In Pre-Calculus, we are examining quadratic functions. In PAA, we are knitting. In IA, we are building sheds. In Chemistry, we are writing our Molecules and Compounds test early next week. In Visual Arts, we are sketching and examining surrealism and abstract art.


Grade 10 News

April! Finally! Between Drama, Badminton, track gearing up, the kids are still managing to learn things. In ELA/ History, they’ve just finished working on their projects for the book Indian Horse, which dealt with issues surrounding residential schools. Fitness testing has wrapped up in Wellness, and everyone’s looking forward to getting outside. In Wildlife Management, they’re studying Human and Animal Interactions, with a focus on raccoons. In CAD, they’re busy drawing their houses, and focusing on the electrical portion in particular. In Commercial Cooking, we’re all looking forward to a Taco fiesta! And finally, in Math, they’re busy working on roots and powers.

Grade 9 News

Greetings from grade 9! April promises to be another busy month with lots going on in the classrooms. In social studies, the students are continuing to learn about empire building and the lasting effects of coloniza- tion. The students have been making connections between our society and the colonial era in North America. In particular, we have been closely examining the colonial activities of the Spanish. A highlight from this unit so far has been our Christopher Columbus debate. In the art classes, the students are working on murals to express a thought provoking message or a symbol of their interests. The murals look great so far! The health students have been evaluating public health food policies, while the career ed. students are researching post- secondary schooling options. In math, the students are studying scale factor.

Grade 8 News

In Math the class is starting a new unit on Geometry. In ELA, the class is working on the novel “The Giver” and a project where students decide on one thing that everyone should learn about from the past. In Art, the class is working on Canadian Contemporary Art. In Health, the class just finished learning about families and support and starting Sexual Education. In Social Studies, the class is learning about the Canadian Federal government. Specifically, how a Bill becomes a law and structures within the Government. In Home Ec., the class is starting a sewing basics section, and soon will make their own pyjama pants. In Industrial Arts, the class has arrived at picking and designing a woodworking project of their own choice. Now they just have to get it done by Mr. Tyndall’s due date…and then get them out of the hallway. In PE, the class has just finished fitness testing and will be beginning an Archery Unit, mixed in with Track and Field events (weather permit- ting). In Science, the class is ending a unit on Life Science: Cells, Tissues, Organs, and Systems, and soon to start a new unit on Physical Science: Forces, Fluids, and Density which leads into the “Boat Race” at the Harry Bailey Aquatic Centre in Saskatoon in June.

Grade 7 News

The snow has gone and the wind has arrived! This spring has cer- tainly rushed in. Additionally, the year has certainly passed quickly! I am currently in the process of confirming dates and schedules for our year end trip to Blue Mountain Outdoor Adventure Park. So far, it looks like we will be heading out on June 19 (Friday). We plan to do some zip lining, high ropes activity, and team challenges that day. It is always a lot of fun for the kids and I am looking forward to it. I will be requiring 3 parent volunteers to join us. Please keep in mind all chaperones and volunteers must have a valid criminal records check submitted to the office prior to the event. Please keep an eye out for an information letter and volunteer request sheet to come home in the following weeks. Academically, we are current- ly studying circles and Meas- urement in math. In ELA, we have wrapped up our novel study and have begun to move onto a thematic unit called “Participating and Giving our Personal Best”. The students continue to look at ecosystems in science, and types of government in social studies. Report cards will be out in a couple of weeks. As always, should you have any questions or concerns re- garding your child’s progress, please feel free to contact any of your child’s teachers at the school.

Grade 5 & 6 News

In the grade 5/6 classroom we are currently starting a writing unit in ELA. In Science we are learning about flight. In Social Studies we are going to begin a unit about government. In Math we are finishing up a big unit about fractions, decimals, percent, rate and ratio and will begin a much shorter unit in geometry. In art we are going to be learning about percussion instruments.

Ms. Bishop Moisan and the grade 5/6 class

Grade 3 & 4 News

I hope everyone had a fantastic break! The 3/4s have an exciting week ahead! We are going on a field trip to Beaver Creek on Thursday. Thanks to everyone for sending baking for our sale on Tuesday! It really helped low- er the costs of our trip. In math the 3s will be moving on from fractions to geometry and the 4s will be moving on from fractions to decimals. We will be studying soil and plants in science and learning about different countries in social studies. We would love to have your clean and empty plastic food containers to start to prepare for our out- door garden! We would like to get outside as much as possible, so we will be focus- ing on soccer skills in phys. ed. this month. The students continue to work on their stories in Writer’s Workshop and their group writing projects.

Grade 1 & 2 News

Happy Spring! I hope everyone had a wonderful Easter holiday with your families! I can’t believe that we are already in the middle of April; time sure flies when you’re having fun! We are still plugging away on a lot of the same units in grade one/two. We continue to have our ELA centers and readers workshop, and are starting an author study on Eric Carl with Mrs. Burgess, our teacher librarian. In math, the grade one’s have finished their unit on numbers to one hundred and are starting to learn about geometry. The grade two’s are still adding and subtracting to one hundred with Mr. Woods-Fehr. In science we are about half way through our unit on air and water in the environment. What amazing wind devices the kids have made at home! They are so creative! Thanks for your help with that! We are still working on safety for health as well.

Kindergarten & Grade 1 News

The sun is shining and we are happy to see the snow go! (Knock on wood).

The Ks have been busy with:

-Animated Literacy -Reader’s Workshop

-working with and recognizing numbers
-exploring and building basic shapes
-Quick Draw

The 1s are busy with:

-Reader’s and Writer’s Workshop
-We finished off our Oliver Jeffers author study with Mrs. Burgess by taking a rocket ship up to the moon!
-Story writing

-numbers from 0-100
-number sense
-skip counting (patterns in the 100 chart)

-The 4 Seasons

Together we are learning about:

-our families
-being kind

Phys. Ed:
-cooperative games
-tumbling and other gymnastic moves


-It is our in-school field trip on the afternoon of May 4th. Bricks 4 Kids (LEGO) are coming in to run some activities for us.

-Our sharing theme for the next 2 months is ‘Favourite Stuffy’. Each child has a designated day. Please check the April/May calendars that went home with your child before the break.

As always, pop in to see us any time!

The K/1s and Mrs. Martineau