Grade 12 News

The Grade Twelves are busy get-ting ready for graduation and getting out into the working world. In ELA, we just finished reading The Book of Negroes, and now we are working on speech writing. In Math Foundations, they’re learning how to graph equations while the girls complain about how much it sucks! In Calculus, we’re all loving the horrible realm of differentiation. In biology we’re learning about how our genes affect who we are, while in Physics we’re shocked by the amazing world of electricity. Finally in Art, we’re going crazy with Photography and our own independent projects!

Grade 11 News

It is a busy time of year as we continue to work hard and pre-pare for the end of our grade 11 year. In Chemistry, we are fin-ishing our chemical reactions unit. In Visual Arts, we are cre-ating a photography collage on a topic of our choice. In ELA and History, we are reading The Book Thief. In PAA, we are sewing our independent projects. In IA, we are building a small cottage and variety of sheds. In Work Placement, we are working on financial math and budgeting. In Pre-Calculus, we are simplifying radical expressions. Good luck to all the athletes going to the Track and Field Meet.

Grade 10 News

Halfway through May and it’s a glorious day!
The sun is shining and the grade 10’s are in a happy way.
They’re studying Racism and the Holocaust in ELA
and animals’ vulnerabilities with Mr.A.
Roots and Powers in math, what can I say?
In Wellness it’s about track, and to Griffith’s Stadium they’ll soon be away.
They’re drawing outside elevations in CAD in IA.
In Commercial cooking, it’s meals and Iron Chef Friday! And finally, in Social, they’re conducting interviews to decide which side of the political spectrum people are on, which, quite frankly, doesn’t rhyme with anything.

Take care, and have a great May!

Grade 9 News

May. It’s May. We can hardly believe how fast this year has gone. They say time flies when you’re learning and having fun. We believe. In ELA, we are finally reading Romeo and Juliet. It’s a classic. It’s got so many themes and life lessons. Friar Lawrence believes that inside each of us lies the potential to do great evil or great good. What we become is determined by the little choices we make every day.
With that in mind, in Social Studies, we’ve been looking at some of history’s most evil people and history’s heroes. Fascinating. Math class has us learning and drawing fractals. What is a fractal? Ask us. Ms. Prakash is showing us the excitement of electricity, static and otherwise. Pretty interesting. In Health/ Careers we’ve been looking at the new Young Workers Readiness Certificate Course. Any young person who wants a job in Saskatchewan, now has to pass the test and receive the certificate before they can start a job. As the students pass, their certificate will be printed off and they can take it home and add it to their portfolio. In art class we are creating personal flags for our camping trip.
Speaking of the camping trip, it is only weeks away. Needless to say, there is a buzz about the room as this event grows ever closer. Please keep bringing the forms and money in as quickly as you can. Thanks.

Grade 8 News

May is here and half way done. It looks like spring has finally sprung!!! The Grade 8’s are very busy working and planning as the year is coming to an end. This Friday the grade 8 class will be
participating in the boat races that are an annual event with this grade. They have been busy planning and designing different prototypes, to compete and win their
In English the 8.1 class (Mr. Graham) has just finished The Bread Winner, and will be going into independent novel study. The 8.2 class (Mrs. Bain), finished
watching and are now working on collages of Oliver Twist or The Count of Monte Cristo (student choice).
Math 8.2 (Ms. Wall), are going to be starting Measurement next week, and then Geometry.
8.1 (Mrs. Bain) is working on Geometry.
Social Studies in Mr.Graham’s class are looking at resources and interdependence.
Art with Mr. Graham is challenging the students with 3-D art, structure and design.
Home Ec.with Mrs. Burgess and IA with Mr. Tyndall continue to develop student skills in wood working and sewing (use of the machine
and construction). Pajama pants will be the goal in Home Ec. And a wood project in IA.
Health with the girls is 7 Habits, while Mrs. Bain is teaching through the use of the conflict between the Ukraine and Russia, tied in with Soviet Union in the 1930’s.

Grade 7 News

Wow! We finally had some sunny days and the kids loved it! We have been busy doing some fundraising for our year end trip. We have already had one cheeseburger sale and will have two more before the end of the year. Our field trip is scheduled for June 24! We will be heading out to Blue Mountain Adventure Park! Thanks go out to the parent volunteers who have come forward; it will be a great day!
Academically, the students have begun a poetry unit in ELA. In math, we have revisited the topic of equations and solving for variables. Social has us exploring the Canadian government system, and in science, the students are beginning to look at the topics of temperature and heat. I would encourage all students to continue to push them-selves to finish the year with strength! As always, please contact me if you have any questions or concerns.

Grade 5 & 6 News

The grade 5/6 class is very excited to go on a field trip on May 22. We are going to the Canadian Light Source, it should be very exciting. In ELA we are working on writing skills. In Social Studies we are currently learning about some early explorers. In Science we are just wrapping up an electricity unit and will be learning about weather next. We have been learning a lot about music by learning how to play Boomwhackers. In Math the grade 6’s are finishing up a unit about fractions, decimals, percent and ratios. The grade 6’s will also be going to Moose Jaw with the Dundurn grade 6’s on June 4th. There will be a newsletter sent home shortly about it.

Enjoy the nice weather to come.
Ms. Bishop Moisan and the grade 5/6 class

Grade 3 & 4 News

Wow, this year is flying by! We are so busy in the 3/4 room! Students are finishing up their Writer’s Workshop projects and will be moving onto a variety of other writing activities to finish off the school year: writing and giving a speech, creating poetry, and listening to music and responding to it through art and reflective writing. In math the 3s are finishing geometry by constructing 3-D skeletons and creating castles. They will finish the year with multiplication and division. The 4s are working on multiplication of larger numbers and will finish the year with data analysis. In Reader’s Workshop we have been paying attention to which senses we use while reading. By paying attention to these sensory images, we are able to gain a deeper understanding of the author’s message. The rain sticks turned out to be beautiful! Students just finished watercolour rain art in order to create a video montage of our rain stick sounds with our rainy day pictures! Each student created a Métis farm diagram in order to understand the events that eventually led to the North-west Resistance. In Science, students will be inventing their own instruments to finish off our sound unit. They may need cer-tain materials from home. This information will be in their planners. Our last unit in Science will be studying light. The field trip note will be coming home in the next week. Our fundraising has been successful! This week students recycled the school’s cans and bottles in order to add to our field trip funds! Please send try-all-athon forms and money back to school as soon as possible. Enjoy the warm weather!

Grade 1 & 2 News

Wow! Our time in the Grade 1/2 class just keeps flying by!
Here are some of the highlights from the month!
Our Reader’s Workshop has us looking deeper into our reading stamina and we have started setting personal goals about how long we want to be able to read without stopping. We have also just started talking about activating our schema as we read (ask your child about it!). In Math, the Grade 2’s have started a measurement unit and are practicing measuring items using different units of measurement (paper clips, snap cubes, straws, etc.). In Science, we have started a new unit on liquids and solids and have been doing all sorts of cool experiments with liquids! We are having lots of fun in Science! Everyone is working hard and enjoying their time at school.

We have a very busy next couple of weeks coming up and here are a few items to take note of:

  • Grade 1/2 Field Trip to Wet Paint and Eastview Bowl in Saskatoon – Wednesday, May 28
  • Swimming Lessons for Try-All-A-Thon – May 29 and June 11
  • Farm Safety – June 9
  • Tri-Clinic – June 18

Please return signed Try-All-A-Thon permission forms to the school ASAP!
As always, feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns or just for an update
Wow! Our time in the Grade 1/2 class just keeps flying by!

I hope you all enjoyed a great May long weekend!
Janet Adelman

Kindergarten News

Spring has sprung!
We cannot believe that there are less than 2 months left of Kindergarten. Where has the time gone? We have been keeping busy in the classroom and have also been going outside as often as we can.
Math – we are learning about shapes. We even went on a shape scavenger hunt around the school. We found lots!
ELA – we have been looking at the differences between fiction and non-fiction (or unfiction as some of us say!) books. We are using sticky-notes to mark new learning in our books. We keep working hard in Animated Literacy with Mrs. McGregor.
Phys. Ed.- we have been playing cooperative games and continu-ing to work on our throwing/catching skills.
Science- the plants in our room are growing like crazy. We also have caterpillars (thanks Mrs. Kelbough) that we’re watching transform!

A few important dates:
May 20: Kindergarten Orientation (10-11AM)
May 22: Kindergarten Orientation (1-2PM)
May 26: Kindergarten Orientation (1-2PM)
May 28: Fieldtrip to BPs and Wet Paint Pottery. Bus leaves at 9:30, back by 2:30.
May 30: Trip planned to the local greenhouse
June 5: Elementary Track & Field Play Day at Hanley School
June 23: Kindergarten Learning Celebration 7-8PM
As always, feel free to pop in to see us whenever you get the chance. Our door is always open and we love visitors!
~The Kindergartens & Mrs. Martineau