Grade 8 News

In Social Studies they are completing a section on “How Canadians Govern Them- selves” on the structure and function of governments at all levels. In Industrial Arts they have started designing wood projects, such as mirrors, and are completing the exam on common tool names and functions in the shop. In Home Ec. they have started sewing. In  Health/Guidance they are starting a computer game called “The Real Game” about careers and general workplace skills and character traits. In Math they are now working with Integers and starting to graph coordinates on X Y quadrants. In Science they have started a research project on specifically assigned “Body Systems”. Physical Education continuing a games unit with Tchoukball and soon Basketball is just around the corner. Early in the New Year a winter activities unit will start over at the curling and skating rinks. A certain very few of the Grade Eights are still working on keeping the area around their desks clean and organized so it is safe for everyone who passes by.

Grade 7 News

In ELA the grade 7’s are finishing up their Dust novel study with a Skype interview with the author himself, Arthur Slade. Then they will be starting their “Why so serious?” unit which combines a delightful use of humour with captivating stories. Looking forward to some good laughs and great work! In science the students are beginning to learn about why matter and energy are necessary in all ecosystems. In social studies they are in the thick of things learning about conflict, cooperation and interdependence in North America. I, Mrs. Kinzel, have recently started teaching the last of Mrs. Bain’s grade 7 classes, math. In math the students have started some review with factors and multiples and will soon be moving to decimals, fractions and percentages. I guarantee 100% fun!

Mrs. Bain and Mrs. Kinzel

Grade 6 News

The Grade 6 class had a successful October getting to know each other. The 6’s hosted a scareriffic haunted house on Halloween (scaring more than a few staff members and high school students in the process). November was filled with Remembrance Day activities including the annual poster competition. Upcoming activities include Christmas concert practice and experiments exploring the best bird beak shape in science. In ELA we are exploring relationships by reading “Half-Brother”, a novel about a family that adopts a chimpanzee with the purpose of teaching it sign language. Never a dull moment in Grade 6!

Mr. Vedress

Grade 4 & 5 News

October sure went by in a hurry! November seems to be flying by just as fast! We have wrapped up our Remembrance Day Posters and Poems and produced some strong contend- ers for the Legion contests this year! We are moving right along into starting practices for the Christmas Concert!! We seem to be enjoying the songs for the concert and can’t wait to show off our singing and acting skills next month! Just a reminder to Parents and Guardians that the items for the baskets we will be selling tickets on should be brought to school by Friday, December 9th.

Thank you to all the parents/ guardians that came out for Tri-Conferences, it was nice to meet everyone! Keep in touch and let me know if you ever have any questions or concerns!

Ms. Rancourt

Grade 2 & 3 News

Christmas is just around the corner! We have already begun practicing for the upcoming Christmas Concert on December 14th. The grade 2/3’s are elves, which means that we are in need of some green clothes for the concert. The elementary end is also having the Christmas Basket Raffle this year. The theme for our class is specialty food related items. We ask that each student please donate something to add to the class basket, spending between five and ten dollars. Some ideas could include dip mix ingredients, specialty crackers or pita chips, spices, chocolates, hot chocolate, apple cider, candy canes, epicure items, or other festive holiday snacks. Please give me a shout if you are in need of some guidance with what to donate.

In ELA, we are continuing with our Eric Carle author study. We even tried out some of his art techniques while on our field trip at the Mendel Art Gallery! We’ve moved on from ideas to the topic of organization with our writing skills as well. In math, the grade two’s are learning about numbers to one hundred, while the grade three’s are learning about numbers to one thousand. We are just reviewing our magnets unit and will soon begin a large unit on animals. We are also continuing with our communities unit in social studies, focusing on pioneers.

Thanks to all of the parents and students who participated in the parent-teacher interviews last week. It was really nice to see everyone again!

Mrs. Romanchuk

Kindergarten & Grade 1 News

We are heading into a busy month in the K/1 room as we begin to prepare for the holiday season and the Christmas concert! Please remember to send the items for our basket raffle. The students had an opportunity to spend time with Mr. Kirk, our Senior History teacher, and learn about Remembrance Day. They also took part in the annual Royal Canadian Legion poster contest. We are very focused on writing stories in ELA. The Kindergartens will begin to label the pictures they draw to better tell their stories. The Grade 1s have been using speech balloons with pictures and have been exploring the different parts of stories. The Grade 1s continue to work on their family projects with the Grade 7s. These will be wrapping up soon. I am so impressed with the family shields made by the Kindergartens! It is evident that a lot of work went into them. In Math the Kindergartens continue to explore patterns and the Grade 1s are working with numbers to 20. We are exploring how to divide a number into different groupings. This can be difficult, so a lot of time will be spent on this to really build a foundation for number operations. Thanks to all the families for coming in early for interviews! If you didn’t have the chance to come in that week, feel free to contact me at the school to set up a time.

Mrs. Koroll

Grade 12 News

In English and History, we have started reading Three Day Road, a great book about two First Nations boys in the WWI. In Math, we have start- ed our third unit on Trigonom- etry, while in Chemistry, we are finishing learning about Thermodynamics. Life Transitions and Home Ec are teaching us similar things – how to eat healthy while saving money, but in Home Ec we are quickly moving on to our individual projects. The I.A. students are working hard building stuff. That concludes this paragraph. Thanks for reading.

Grade 11 News

The year is off in full swing and we are busier than ever. In Pre-Calculus, we just wrote a test on Trigonometry. We have not started working on the Quadratic Equation. In English class, we are starting to read To Kill A Mockingbird. In Physics, we are just finishing the Waves Unit, and have a test on Friday. In Biology, we are working through a Ecological Or- ganization Project. In Phys. Ed., we are enjoying some good ole physical activity, but still getting to spend some time outside.

Grade 10 News

The grade 10’s are in the thick of it and having a grand time! ELA continues the study of Megido’s Shadow, a riveting story about a boy in WWI. In science, students have been ex- amining how different coun- tries view resources and the environment. In Home Ec, interior design is the focus, which fits in well with IA, where students are doing Cabinet Making. History has the students examining the recent Wall Street Protests. Which, for some reason, puts me in mind of the pylon tests the kids are doing in Driver’s Ed… Hmmm…
In Math, the study has shifted to Measurement, both imperial and metric (the lucky ducks), and finally in Wellness, the kids are evaluating their personal fitness levels! Have a great month!

Grade 9 News

Someone once said that grade nine was the greatest year of all the school years, and we are beginning to understand what they meant. We love it. We love every minute of it. We get to do so many amazing things and learn so much interesting stuff. For instance, every day we get to go to Mr. Herman’s math class and learn about numbers. RATIOS!! We thought the Exponents unit was terrific and it looks like this whole ratios unit is going to blow it away.

On November 2nd, we get to experience a Grade 9 rite of passage, as we participate in the Canada wide “Take Your Kid to Work Day”. We will be going to work with our parents, or with some- body else, getting a taste of what our teachers refer to as “the real world”. Stay tuned for permission forms.

In English Class we are tackling Sir William Shakespeare’s tragic love story “Romeo and Juliet”. What a story!! We can’t get enough of it. Sometimes, one hour classes simply aren’t long enough. We act it out, we sing songs and yell at each other in old English and learn every step of the way. We even threw our own mas- querade ball as we read that classic scene where Romeo and Juliet meet for the first time. Scandalous.

In Social we have developed deep into our personal histories and learned a great deal about our country, our families and ourselves This is learning at it’s best. Mr. Tyndall is teaching us about the Solar System in Science class. Some things never change…the solar sys- tem, however , does. Bizarre. We know.

Miss Rugg is an artist. She is teaching us Art. Wait until you see the stuff we are creating. You will be very impressed.

We round out our days with fitness testing, small engine repairing, welding and working with grains…GRAINS!!

There is so much more we could tell you, but we’re out of time. If you want to know more, please track us down and ask us. Oh yes, one more thing….235 day until the canoe trip!