Grade 8 News

The grade eights are working on putting their personal possessions away properly as they now have classroom lockers to lock and keep their stuff safe. Social Studies continues to examine the aspects that define culture, we will be having a test on this Unit next week.  In ELA we are completing a Novel study on the “Outsiders”. In Health we are working through the Decision Making Process and looking at how subject courses in High School relate to future Jobs and Careers. In Science we are studying Cells, Microscopes and Body Systems. In Math we are completing Square Roots and the Pythagorean Theorem. Physical Education is starting fitness testing and finishing Volleyball. I.A. is completing the unit on Orthographic (3-D) drafting, while in Art class we have finished Hieroglyphics and are starting Greek Pottery.

Grade 7 News

The year is flying by and the Grade 7 class has been amaz- ingly busy! Currently, the Grade 7s are studying the nov- el, Dust, by Saskatoon author, Arthur Slade. It is a tale of mystery and suspense! So far, the students seem to enjoy it. In Math, students are wrap- ping up their first unit of Patterns and Relations. We have been exploring variables, pattern recognition and the use of manipulatives. Science has the students investigating ecosystems and living organisms. A special thanks to Mrs. Prakash, our senior science teacher, who ordered agar petri dishes for us. We hope to be scouring the school for samples of micro-organisms within the next week; with Halloween around the corner, who knows what kinds of scary things we might find! In Social, the class is studying “Canada’s Pacific Neighbour, Mexico”.

Interim reports went out last week. These reports give you a quick picture of how your child is progressing so far this year. If you have not received your child’s reports, please contact me as soon as possible. I can be reached by phone (544-2511) or via e-mail.

Our first field trip of the year was an absolute success! Students took part in team and relationship building. We went bowling, had a quick lunch, and finally wrapped up the day with swimming and water- sliding. I must say, I am truly enjoying the year so far . Thanks for all the parental support and the positive efforts of all the students. Let’s continue the amazing work!

Grade 6 News

“October has certainly been a time for change in the Grade 6 classroom. Mr. Vedress has taken over teaching duties and we are also pleased to wel- come new student Faith to our classroom community. Thegrade 6er’s raided couches and car seats for loose change and managed to raise an impressive $43 for the Children’s Hospital Fashion Show, showing great community spirit! We have begun the practice of starting every day off with an In-Motion walk in the playground, and in Science, we are looking at animal adaptations by designing our own movie monsters!”

Mr. Mat Vedress

Grade 4 & 5 News

Wow! October already!? We have had a lot of fun since we started the year, making sure to do some learning along the way. After a few weeks of learning to write strong para- graphs, we are just days away from starting our autobiog- raphies in ELA. Science has taken us in the direction of Light, how it is produced, absorbed and travels. Mrs. Kinzel has been teaching our Social Studies class and we are learning about First Nations and Metis history in Canada and Saskatchewan. In Grade 4, we have finished our first Math Makes Sense Unit- Patterns and Equations and are moving on to Unit 2- Whole Numbers. We have done some amazing optical illusion art and are not moving on to fall and Halloween themed art projects.

Our class bubble gum machine is almost full!! It seems as though the students have been ‘Chewsing’ good books to read! When the machine is completely full, the class is in for a surprise!

Ms. Angela Rancourt

Grade 2 & 3 News

Wow, Halloween is just around the corner! I will soon send out information regarding our Halloween party and potluck lunch. In ELA, we are completing an author study on Eric Carle. As he is also a fabulous illustrator, we have been look- ing into his art techniques and plan to try some of them out in art class. We are also focusing on using clear, concise topics with our writing, focusing more specifically on details. In math, the grade two’s are learning about numbers to one hundred with me, while the grade three’s are learning about numbers to one thousand with Mr. Woods-Fehr. In science, we are nearing the end of our magnet unit, in social studies we are continuing to learn about communities of the past, present, and future, and in health class we are working on self esteem. Have a wonderful fall!

Kindergarten & Grade 1 News

We are very excited for the medieval feast this week! Thanks to our families for providing the food. We have lots of things happening in the K/1 room this month. The Kindergartens have started their printing program and have begun Writer’s Workshop. This is where students are encouraged to tell a story from their life with pictures. In math the Kindergartens are finishing sorting and moving onto patterning. The Ks continue to

work on their letter sounds with Mrs. McGregor . The Grade 1s are working with the Grade 7s on their online family report. I was very pleased with the written reports that were handed in last week. I can tell a lot of work was put into them! In math the 1s are working with 10-frames to develop a sense of what is 10 and what numbers work together to make 10. This will lay a foundation for addition and subtraction. The Grade 1s

have created beautiful water- colour self-portraits in art class! On Monday, October 31st, we will have a day full of Halloween fun! I am happy to help your child put on their costume or feel free to come in and assist with getting every- one ready at lunch.

September 2011 Grade 12 News

Senior year has started off with a bang. We have already been put into a seating plan (a first for Grade 12’s in Ms. Prakash’s class) while reviewing Chem 20 and the concepts we need to know for Chem 30. In ELA and History, we are learning how to dialectically evaluate Canada’s geography, and we just finished writing heart touching poetry. Math C30 has been radical while learning about radians. In I.A., we just ordered supplies for our woodworking projects and in Home Ec, we are event planning. In Life Transitions, we are learning what to expect when we move out, which will be sooner than we think!

– Courtney

September 2011 Grade 11 News

So great to back to school!!! Classes are in full swing. In PreCalculus, we are working on geometric and arithmetic series. The test is on Thursday. In Math Workplace, we are calculating slope. In Physics, we are learning wonders and workings around us, as well as understanding such math compo- nents as, scientific notation, significant figures and metric conversion. Test is on Thursday. In Biology, we just finished art projects of defining biology without words. In ELA, we are working on recollections and short stories. In Phys. Ed., we had fitness tests and playing volleyball.

September 2011 Grade 10 News

Well, school is back in and the Grade Tens are already hip deep in learning! Classes are in full swing, and students are actually finding some time to study in between football, volleyball, cross-country, soccer and golf. So far, the students have been working on proportional reasoning and pricing (including exchanging currencies and wondering why products in the US are so much cheaper, even though our dollar is worth more) in Math. In ELA, Megiddo’s Shadow has been the focus, a book about Edward, a young man who has lost his brother and mother and then finds himself fighting the Huns in World War I. Science has been all about the environment and sustainability. They’ve faced the question: What would the world look like if every human were to disappear? Home Ec has had a different bent, looking at canning and preserves. In IA, kids have been planning for their projects and waiting for their wood to arrive, while Mr. T and Mr. C shows them all the tricks of the cabinet maker’s trade. Political Philosophies have been the focus in Social. In Wellness, students have been examining health related fitness topics, and then getting active playing Matt Ball. And finally, Driver’s Ed has our parents and teachers kind of freaked out, but they’re not letting us drive until we know where the brakes and steering wheel are – as well as the signal lights, windshield washer lever, seat belts, air bags, hazard lights, On Star support… It’s been a great start to the year! Special thanks to the grade 10 girls for their communal contributions.

September 2011 Grade 9 News

Energizing. Cheery. Intriguing. Intense. Hilarious. Enlightening.

This is just a sampling of the words yelled forth by this year’s Grade Nine squad when asked to describe the year thus far. We’ve started reading Romeo and Juliet, by Sir William Shakespeare. What a story! In Social Studies we’ve just finished making personal timelines. They’ll be on display in our class-room for awhile, so swing on in and have a look. (bring chips) Speaking of items on display, we’ve been working on painting the ceiling tiles. It’s a bit like the Sistine Chapel except with a little more Disney and Sports Logos.

Do you have any questions about finding the surface area of a Composite Shape? You can ask us now, because that’s what Mr. Herman is teaching us in Math. Can you imagine having Mr. Tyndall as a science teacher? Good Heavens. It’s a blast. Literally. He sure likes blowing things up. Our leader, Mr. Tucker is teaching us about leadership in Health class. Volleyball , welding and Kitchen Wizardry round out our daily schedules