PowerSchool Access

PowerSchool Web Access gives parents and students access to real-time information including attendance, grades and detailed assignment descriptions, school bulletins, and even personal messages from the teacher.

  1. In your web browser, enter the following URL: http://prairiespirit.powerschool.com
  2. Enter your username and password that you use to login to your school’s computers.

Download the pdf version of this page to view the information with images 

Areas of Interest

  • Attendance and Grades
    • The first thing you see when you enter the PowerSchool Web is the “Attendance and Grades” at-a- glance page. This provides easy access to recent grades as well as classroom attendance. The “current” grade is listed under the appropriate term (Q1), and clicking on this link will bring up a detail page for grades in that class. If an assignment is blue in colour, you can click on this link to see detailed assignment information. Clicking on the teacher name will activate a link so you can easily e-mail the teacher.
  • Grades and Attendance
    • This page displays the grades and attendance for the current terms.
    • Clicking on a grade for a list of assignments. Blue assignments have further info.
    • Clicking on the teacher’s name will e-mail the teacher with the default email client.
    • Clicking on an absence will show you more information for that absence.
  • Grade History
    • This page displays the term grades for the entire school year.
    • Clicking on a percentage will show you the list of assignments. Then clicking an assignment name or score will display even more information.
    • These grades are Stored Grades as printed on Report Cards for current year only.
    • Cumulative Information for overall averages and GPA are also found here.
  • Attendance History
    • This page displays the attendance for a term.
    • Dots indicate the class was not in session and blanks indicate the student was present. Otherwise an attendance code will appear for the date.
  • Teacher Comments
    • This page will display any current comments entered by the teachers.
    • The teacher names are linked to teacher email addresses.
  • School Bulletin
    • This page will display the daily bulletin for students/parents.
    • You can click on the dates to read previous bulletins.
  • Class Registration
    • This shows all the courses that the student requested for the current year. Balance
    • This page shows the current balance for student fees.
  • My Calendar
    • This page allows students to subscribe to calendars for classes.
    • Only calendar programs that support the vcalendar standard can be used.