Safe School Plan


Our guiding principle continues to be ensuring schools are a safe place for students and staff.

As COVID-19 is a continually developing situation, the guidelines, Division and school plans may be updated and adjusted depending on the impact of COVID-19 and the feedback of education partners in our province prior to the beginning of the school year.

The school plan template is based on the Ministry’s Safe Schools Plan and uses the eight categories from the provincial plan as a framework for school-level planning.

Please refer to this link for the HANLEY COMP SCHOOL Safe School Plan – 2020 09 03

To access the online screening tool please use the following link:

PSSD COVID Screening tool for Guests

Students with Allergies

We have been told our local Medical Health Officer that at the beginning of the school year, if a student displays the symptoms consistent with COVID-19 as listed in the COVID-19 Protocols for AP-432 Illness in Care, all steps in the policy should be followed beginning with the child staying at home, or if the child is at school, parents being contacted to pick up their child, and instructed to call 811 and follow the directions of the Health Officials.

The Health Official at 811 will ask the parent questions about their child’s symptoms, health history, recent activity, etc. to determine if testing is required. At times, parents may be communicating back to the school that 811 recommended their child did not need to be tested. This is not in contradiction with what we have been told by our MHO, as our instructions to parents should be consistent with “Call 811 and follow the directions of the Health Officials.”