Stop Sending in the Clowns

PRAIRIE SPIRIT THEATRE COMPANY is a Homeschool Drama Club.  Our students are busy rehearsing for another spectacular performance weekend presenting…

Stop Sending in the Clowns

A mystery farce by Pat Cook is amazingly performed on a stage near you. (Produced by special arrangement with Pioneer Drama Service, Inc., Englewood, Colorado)

“You never know what’s going to happen in a circus!”  ballyhoos Ringmaster Burnum at the Burnum and Bailout Traveling Circus – and on this particular day, that statement rings truer than ever.  Beulah Von Schmellie, the overbearing and overdressed old dowager, shows up to rain on Burnum and Bailout’s parade of circus acts as she attempts to foreclose on the show.  When the local sheriff arrives on the scene, the circus performers scramble for a quick solution, attempting to sell the circus to seemingly naïve tourists Jethro and Dixie before the foreclosure takes effect.  An assortment of amusing mysteries pop up as the sheriff makes a hilarious attempt to get to the bottom of a smuggling ring, a petty theft and a missing persons case – all while enduring the sly magic tricks of magician Tina.  To make matters more complicated, Agents Cully, Moldie and Spinner show up from the XYZ Files and join the jumbled juggling act of jokes, crime and mystery.  Who is behind each of these crimes?  Could it be Armando, the blind sharp-shooter?  The wacky clown troupe that keeps interfering with the investigation?  The clowning-around never stops under this wacky Big Top!

Dates:  Friday & Saturday, November 21 & 22, 2014
Where:  NEW Warman Theatre; Legends Centre, 701 Centennial Blvd, Warman
When:  Doors open 6:30 pm for Rush Seating/ Showtime 7:00 pm
Cash Admission:  $5.00/person at door *suggested age 6 yrs & up
Tickets:  Contact Lynn @ 306-381-8682 (buy ahead for the shorter line-up at the doorJ)


Come out and join the antics for an exciting family evening of circus adventure!


Prairie Spirit School Division Home-Based Education Program Facilitator
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