November 18,2022 HBE news

Hello Home Based Education Families:   

The first quarter (Q1) of the 2022 school year has passed and we are into Q2. It is a good idea to track your monthly learning outcomes and keep some samples of work so that the annual summative reporting in mid-June is easier for you to complete. It may act as a good reminder and will show the progress you have made during the year.

Skating times:

Warman Home Center Communiplex (WHCC) replied about skating times for Home Based students. The times PSSD home based education has booked so far are:

Nov 21, Dec 1, and Dec 12th from 1-3pm.

I will book some more times in January if these times are successful. Please follow the guidelines of the WHCC. Students are required to wear helmets and helmets are recommended for adults but not required.     

Literacy Tip #2          Five Pillars of Reading          Phonemic Awareness 

Phonemic awareness refers to the individual sounds (phonemes) in words. There are 44 phonemes in English which includes the alphabet letters and sounds represented by letter combinations such as /ch/. Individually teaching the phonemes with the varying letter combinations that make those phonemes (ex – ay, ai, a_e) will also prime your readers to write and gives a great approach to sounding out and reading new words.   

Resources and Ideas:  

For more reading information, go to:

Phonological and Phonemic Awareness Phonological awareness is the ability to recognize and manipulate the spoken parts of words. The levels of phonological awareness are, from simplest to most complex: syllables, onset–rime, and phonemes. Phonemic awareness is the ability to identify and manipulate individual sounds (phonemes) in spoken words. We know that a student’s skill in …

All the best to you:    Lorraine Fitzgerald & Ashleigh Hoang: HBE facilitators

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