Spreadsheet Assignment #7: Conversion Calculator (Marked/Summative)



  • To be familiar with basic hardware and software terminology and features.
  • To develop information processing skills that will be helpful in a student’s personal life.
  • To use computer hardware and software to produce simple personal use documents.
  • To use a variety of computer software applications efficiently and productively.
  • To develop communication skills necessary for information processing.

SKILLS: Formatting cells; Using fonts/font characteristics; Creating formulas

Conversion Calculator
For this assignment, you need to create two sections of a speadsheet that will do conversions from one unit to another. You need to create 2 sections:

  1. Convert from an imperial unit to a metric unit (and from a metric unit to an imperial unit).
  2. Convert a base metric unit to the different forms of that base unit, using the prefixes: kilo, hecto, deca, deci, centi, milli.

The formula you will be using for both portions of this assignment is as follows:

=CONVERT(E4,”ft”,”m”)   For this example, E4 represents the cell in which you have the number you are trying to convert, “ft” represents the original unit of measurement, and “m” represents the unit of measurement you are trying to convert the number to. You will write your version of this formula in the cell in which you want your answer to appear. Be sure to use the quotations and commas! You will use this same formula for the System Conversion part of the assignment, and you may have to do some research to determine some of the unit abbreviations.

As an example, see the pictures below:

You will need to ensure you have done the following for this assignment:

  1. Show that you have effectively:
    • Manipulated cell margins
    • Used cell shading
    • Used fonts and font characteristics
    • Used borders
    • Used cell formulas
    • Used cell justification (left, center, right)
  2. Include a “Please Notice” page that explains (very well if possible) how you met the requirements of this assignment.

When you feel you are complete, check your letter against the checklist below:

Does your assignment include the following?

 Manipulated cell margins
Cell shading
Different font and font characteristics
Formulas for all calculations
Cell justification (centering, right, left…)
Please notice page
***Click HERE for the rubric you will be marked on!!

When you are satisfied with your assignment, hand in the completed document to the appropriate In Basket folder. (Remember to save it lastname,firstname…)