Spreadsheet Assignment #2: Car Count (Feedback/Formative)


SKILLS: Addition, Pie Chart, Column Chart

You have just been given a summer job by a local car dealership to monitor the number of cars and their colour as they pass through a local intersection. In order to impress your new boss, you decide to present the information in a spreadsheet.

Create an Excel spreadsheet with the following information and use formulas to complete the totals.

Notice that the font is set for Ariel 12 point. Your font is probably set for Ariel 10 point. Select all of the cells and change to a 12 point font. You should do this for all of your Excel assignments.

To insert a formula in G2:

  • Click in the cell where the formula will appear (G2)
  • Type in =Sum(B2:F2)
    • This gives the sum of the numbers in the cells B2+C2+D2+E2+F2


  • Click on cell G3
  • Click on the AutoSum icon
    • The sum formula should appear with the range and cells highlighted; press enter to accept it
    • If the range of cells is wrong, simply drag the correct cell range and then enter

Note that you should have a total in cell G8. This total can either be the total of the days, or the total of colours – both values should be the same.Graphs

As impressive as your grid of numbers is, you decide to take it up a notch and provide some charts. Use this site to learn how to include a pie graph of the colour totals and a column chart of the totals for each day. Your finished document should look similar to the example below (with the totals completed by formula). Double click, or right click on individual parts of the graph to change their colour or appearance.

When you feel you are complete, check your letter against theĀ car count checklist!

When you are satisfied with your assignment, hand in the completed document to the appropriate In Basket folder. (Remember to save it lastname,firstname…)