Photoediting Assignment #2: Freaky Fruit (Formative/Feedback)

PROGRAMS:Adobe Photoshop Elements

SKILLS: Selection Tools


In this assignment, you will use Adobe Photoshop Elements to create a face out of fruit.

To do this, you will need to find images of different fruit using a search engine, such as Google, etc. You will combine different images of fruit to create a face. See an example below:

To do this, you will most likely need to use:

  • Selection tool (resize/rotate)
  • Different layers for each fruit used
  • Crop tool
  • Erase
  • Lasso/Magnetic Lasso


Find the images you would like to use as part of your activity, and save them to your documents. Open your starting image first. This will be your background layer.

Once you edit or re-size your background layer if necessary, open your next image in elements editor. Edit this image by using the lasso or the magnetic lasso tool to select the part of the image you want to keep. Right click this, and copy as a layer. Remove your previous layer by clicking on it and dragging it to the trash icon above.

Select Layout from the options below, and choose the All Column grid. Click the Move tool from the top left row, select your new layer, and then drag it onto your background layer. Re-size if necessary, then add it to your background.

Close your second image now that you have it on your background image.

Repeat with other images until you’ve reached your desired picture!

When you feel you are complete, check your letter against the checklist of requirements found here!

When you are satisfied with your assignment, hand in the completed document to the appropriate In Basket folder. (Remember to save it lastname,firstname…)