Information Processing 10 – Course Outline Mr. McTavish
Clavet Composite School

General Information:

IP 10 is a PAA course that covers different modules. The tentative topics covered in the course are as follows

Keyboarding (15-20 hours)
Word Processing and Formatting (20-25 hours)
Spreadsheets (10-15 hours)
Developing IP Skills for Personal Use (5-10 hours)
Desktop Publishing (10-15 hours)
Internet Theory (10-15 hours)
Multimedia Production (10-15 hours)

While we work through this course, please remember that if you experience any difficulty Mr. McTavish would love to be of assistance. Feel free to book some time, preferably in the morning, at lunch, or after school (that way I can give you my full attention) if you have any questions or concerns.

This class will include assignments, projects and a portfolio.




Be respectful to property and peers
Be encouraging
Be on time for class


Listen to what is being said
Speak quietly so as not to disturb
Bring headphones


Put forth best effort
Ask questions if unclear


Participate in class activities
Use class time wisely
Everyone is on task and focused
All students are engaged and handling the subject well
Follow instructions
Phone used for music only if necessary
Hand assignments in on time

Note: Other school and classroom rules may apply as posted and discussed in class. The school has a number of other rules and expectations that all will be expected to adhere to.


Some Important Policies:

Policy on late assignments

Students are able to complete assignments at their own pace. The course outline provides guidelines for the length of time expected to complete an assignment

Students needing additional time to complete assignments are encouraged to come in during the supervised noon break, or arrange to be supervised before or after school.

Before moving on to the next assignment, students must have their assignment checked. Call the teacher over when you have completed an assignment and want to have it assessed. The teacher will provide feedback on the assignment and you will be instructed to continue to the next assignment.

If it is felt that you are falling behind, the teacher will talk to you and your parent/guardian. Study Hall may be assigned as needed.

It is best to transport files between home and school using a flash memory USB drive or MP3 player with a USB cable.


Planned Absences:

Absences from school will happen from time to time. Please work with your parents to try to insure that as little school is missed as possible for things like doctor’s appointments, etc. If an event of this nature is planned, please notify Mr. McTavish as soon as possible. Talk to your neighbour about what was missed. Usually there will not be any direct instruction missed – you are expected to continue working at your own pace, but must plan to complete the course by the end of the year.

Absences will cause students to fall behind and put them in danger of not completing the course. If needed a parent conference will be called for chronic absence problems.Seating Plan

(If needed) Students will have an assigned seat for the course. You are responsible for the computer at your seat. Please be sure to check your computer for any issues before you begin each class and at the end of each class. Report these issues to Mr. McTavish

As well, remember that your neighbours are your first line of support. Ask for help from them. (Ask 3 before me!)


Lab Restrictions:

No food or drink in the lab
No games during class time
No email (outside of assignments)
No online music (be respectful of bandwidth limitations)

  • You may bring your own music to listen to, but beware that inappropriate content will be confiscated
  • If you are not sure about the appropriateness of your music, don’t bring it

Print-free zone

  • Please ask before printing any material
  • Printed material for this class will be printed by the teacher


  • All students are expected to bring their own headphones for use in the class
  • Some assignments will have tutorials for which you will need headphonesUSB Drives

It is advisable that students transferring data between home and school use USB drives or through



Marks will be generated according to the following criteria.

Assignments: 60%
Projects: 20%
Portfolio: 20%


Final Note: Amendments to this syllabus may be made as the year progresses. If the need arises, any change will be noted in class.