Photoediting Assignment #4: Name Collage (Formative/Feedback)

PROGRAMS:Adobe Photoshop Elements

SKILLS: Text, Cropping, Resizing, Layers, Clipping Path for Layer


In this assignment, you will use Adobe Photoshop Elements to create a collage of things that interest/describe you in the shape of your name.

An example is below:

To create this, you will need to do the following:

Find your images for your collage and save them individually. Try to find at least 5, or a few more. You should designate 1 image for every letter of your name.

Open a new blank file on elements editor, and change the settings to 70 inches wide and 40 inches high.

Open each of your images in elements editor, and crop them individually if necessary (you could also leave them as is). Copy as a layer if you cropped or edited, then delete the original layer.

Open the photo bin at the bottom left of the screen and begin dragging images onto your first blank file and re-sizing them to create your collage.

Once your collage is complete, click the text box and select a large bold font. Be sure to use a bold, large font or it won’t work! Type in your name. This may not be visible at first, it might be set behind your images which is okay for now!

Delete your background layer.

Select each layer aside from your text layer by clicking CTRL and click each layer, then create a clipping mask by clicking Layer in the menu bar up top, and create clipping mask.

You can re-adjust your background images and re-size your font from here!

We can also add effects to your text. To do this, select the text layer, then open the Effects window. It’s probably open already (above your layers window on the right hand side), but if it’s not, open it by selecting Window – Effects.

At the top of the Effects window, click on the second button from the left titled “Layer Styles”. You should see a drop down menu appear to the right. Click on this and select “Drop Shadow” from the menu. You will get a number of options to click on. Choose “Soft Edge” and click “Apply”. When you do this, you should notice that in your Layers window beside the text layer a symbol shows up that appears similar to fx. If you hover over this it will say “Indicates layer styles”. Double click on this button.

A new window will appear called “Style Settings”. This is where you can add adjust your drop shadow, glow, bevel and stroke. Play with these options and see what each does. (Similarly you can also get to these controls by choosing them from the drop down menu in the Effects window – the same place you chose “Drop Shadow”.)

You will need to ensure your text has a coloured border around it, and that it has a glow and drop shadow attached to it. You may choose the colour and amount for each of these settings.

When you feel you are complete, check your letter against the checklist of requirements found here!

When you are satisfied with your assignment, hand in the completed document to the appropriate In Basket folder. (Remember to save it lastname,firstname…)